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Ryan's Express Dry Cleaners

Country United States
State Texas
City Seabrook
Address 605 Kirby Rd
Phone (281) 532-2235

Ryan's Express Dry Cleaners Reviews

  • Dec 7, 2017

As I write this, i's also in the process of lodging a complaint of consumer fraud with the Texas Attorney Generals' office against Ryan's Express K2 cleaners, bacause they refuse to either actually clean my friends leather jacket that was spotted during Harvey, or refund him his cash payment of $50.00. The first time he took it to Ryan's they kept it for 3 weeks, then they returned it UNCLEANED. He said "it's exactly the same as when I brougt it in" .. they took it back kept it a week and once again returned it back uncleaned. He requested his money back and all Ryan's would say is (???) We can't refund your money because (???) you paid cash...(?) ...huh? Why not? All Ryan's would repeadedly say is we can't refund your money, you paid in cash. Whatever!!! ...It's bad enough he lost EVERYTHING in Harvey, but now he's ripped off by a drycleaners too!!!! HOW HORRIBLE! Ryan's Express 2 really needs to do the right thing and step-up ...REFUND HIM HIS $50.00 !!! .... Right?

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