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RV Mobile Medic

Country United States
State Florida
City Naples
Phone (941) 538-8256

RV Mobile Medic Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

RV Medic [Jeff Kirkwood} 941-538-8256 on Aug 7th I contacted RV medic {Jeff Kirkwood} to replace an AC unit..I had already installed the new unit just needed him to wire up the thermostat. He arrived on the afternoon of 8/14 to hook it up the new unit had been damaged in shipping. I personally had purchased it through Amazon for app $900. He discovered the damage so we chose to return it at that point I asked Jeff if he would just get another Unit and install it so he would be responsible for the entire job as I knew now I had to take the old one it up and deal with the refund process.

he told me verbally it would cost around $1800 to $2000 and he could do it later in the week. I needed the AC running for an upcoming vacation so I said OK. On Thursday Aug 20th he came to install new AC. I was present. At one point I lost confidence in his work or knowledge when he tried to tell me my 12 volt electrical system was only putting out 3 volts and I had to show him everything else on the system was working properly. I had to go get a meter of my own to show him he was wrong and his electrical meter was no good because I was getting 12 volts on 2 other meters.

He seemed a little baffled which concerned me because it is very simple mechanical knowledge that my 17 year old would understand but we were in to far to turn back. He finished the install. We turned the system on for approximately 5 minutes and it was blowing cold air so we were happy. Then he handed me a bill for $2857.03. Approximately $857 more than I expected but without hesitation I went on and paid him knowing that he made 2 trips from Naples and I just needed my AC working. It wasn't until later that night my wife looked over the bill and noticed the over charges.

He clearly charged me 2x for labor and tax for labor as well as tax on his purchase price of the unit so thats double tax on the unit unless he is a distributor and tax exempt and he is not. I sent him a text showing the discrepancy and he agreed it was a mistake on his part and he would credit me back. The next day I saw my CC bill and he had charged my card for $2999.88. A number I had never seen. I immediate called him again his wife mad a mistake he clearly stated in a text he would refund me $ this date that has not happen.

Then on Aug 28th I take the RV to Key Largo on vacation as planned and as I was hooking up my utilities outside I hear my wife screaming from inside and I run in to find her with a fire extinguisher putting out a fire. The AC had burst into flames within 5 minutes of turning it on. dripping plastic all over the floors and destroying the back room of the RV. Fortunately my wife was right there when it happen or it would have been a total loss or my entire family could have died in a fire had it happen at night. I immediately texted Jeff Kirkwood and his response was I will be down to fix it as soon as you get it home. I then texted him on Sept 3rd and made an appointment for him to come fix it on Saturday Sept 5th. He never showed up nor answered any calls...never refunded the money nothing.

I called the police on Sept 23rd as it seems the overcharges are theft though the bad AC may very well be a civil matter and he told the North Port Police officer that he would immediately refund the $727.88. He did not. Now I have $3000 invested in a broken AC unit with thousands of dollars worth of damage to my RV from his obvious negligence and he is unresponsive and unwilling to do anything.

  • Apr 7, 2017

I called rv mobile medic to repair a power jack on my trailer. Jeff Kirkwood attended Rock Creek RV park and cut off the leg off my bent jack and said it was fine. I paid him on visa but when I went to move my camper I found out the jack is no longer long enough to lift my trailer level. I conplained to Jeff and he advised he would return to fix the problem free of charge. It is now. 2 months later and despite calling and leaving messages and emails he has not returned to fix the jack. I corned him in the park one day and asked when he would be over to do the repair and he said he had to grab a sandwich and would be right there....needless to say he never showed up. I called him and he told me I am not a priority for him. Jeff Kirkwood is a liar and a fraud. He will take your money and never return to complete the work. Bill Canada

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