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Route 69 Auto Sales and Service

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Prospect
Address 69 Waterbury Rd
Phone 203-527-9664

Route 69 Auto Sales and Service Reviews

  • Jun 20, 2019

Sold me a car on monday 6/17. It was driven home parked in my garage and hasnt run since. Today is friday. I have been in contact with them 6 times and each time was told that the "head" mechanic would come out to diagnose the issue.

Nobody has shown up nor have they even offered to have it towed to their shop or diagnosed by another shop. Now they are giving us attitude. Oh and the hood lift supports are broken on the car also(almost took my head off).

Guess they missed that when they supposedly "serviced" it and "checked everything" before the sale.

  • Nov 5, 2016

I bought a BMW with the written agreement that the I Drive be fixed.They kept the car 3 weeks. And when i picked it up the I drive still didn't work. They told me they needed to order parts. Two weeks later they said drop it off again. They kept my car 4 weeks without so much as a phone call. I called regularly and no one took my calls. Finally they called and said it was done. Picked it up and the I Drive still didnt work. Had display but no sound. I told the owner and he said it just needed to be reprogrammed. So i went to a dealer near me and they said the unit was either no good or the wrong one and quoted me $1750 to fix it. I told Route 69 what happened and they stopped talking to me all together.

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