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Roman Dolinschi

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Boston

Roman Dolinschi Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2019

Mr. Dolinschi was my landlord at 382 Ocean Avenue. In my opinion, he is an unscrupulous person who looks to take advantage of his tenants. Here is a selected list of the issues I experienced:

The unit I rented from Mr. Dolinschi was completely outdated. The interior doors, cabinets, shelves, countertops, and moldings are the constructed cheapest possible materials. The front door did not have a deadbolt. The closet doors would not stay mounted in place, nor would the towel bar in the bathroom. None of the electrical plugs in the bedroom worked, and the light switches in the living room were not operational. The appliances were refurbished pieces from the 80s - the oven would not heat above 200 degrees. When the garbage disposal rattled to death, he claimed it was brand new and alleged that I had used it incorrectly.

When the sprinklers in the garage dripped a caustic substance on my vehicle, nobody was willing to take responsibilty. Mr. Dolinschi claimed that the building was responsible for the sprinkler pipes, and the building claimed Mr. Dolinschi was responsible for maintenance to the parking spot. The language used in the lease and building regulations is intentionally ambiguous to create confusion.

Mr. Dolinschi offered to allow me to shorten the lease by one month, then threatened to levy a fine because the shortened lease was a violation of the rules between landlords and the building.

The final act of bad faith from Mr. Dolinschi was uncovered today, now that I am no longer in Massachusetts. I received my security deposit to find that Mr. Dolinschi deducted $200 for moving fees without notifying me. He provided a written receipt indicating that these fees were "per the lease." I reviewed the lease and there is no indication of a move-in fee, although the building did require one, which I paid in 2015. When I contacted Mr. Dolinschi to ask about the extra $100 he mistakenly deducted, and why he did not notify me in advance that he was going to do so, he did not respond to my messages.

The money is not the issue. The $100 apparently means much more to Mr. Dolinschi than it does to me. What matters to me is principle, integrity, and a person's word. In my opinion Mr. Dolinschi is an opportunist who creates circumstances in which he can take financial advantage of people.

I hope potential renters and business associates of Mr. Dolinschi are able to search for his name and find this review, so they can be aware of the type of person they are dealing with. Had I known of this man's poor character, I would not have rented a unit from him.

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