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Rodeway Inn

Country United States
State Arizona
City Williams
Address 1001 W Rte 66
Phone 1 928-635-2202

Rodeway Inn Reviews

  • May 4, 2020

The pregnant dest clerk quoted me on the phone a price of 29 dollars plus tax.When I showed up the price was 40 dollars, meaning the tax rate she was charging was well over 33%. The tax rate for motels is 11%, so she comitted fraud right in front of me. Then, I get to my room, and the chage on my card is 45.60, meaning she again comitted theft/fraud. I HAVE SINE READ ONLINE THIS IS A WIDESPREAD PROBLEM IN WILLIAMS.

I would like a refund of the overcharges and an apology. If I do not receive justice here, I am going to make other travelers aware of the frwud committed by Rodeway in in William's Arizone via a series of YouTube videos as well as reviews such as this on Facebook, Pinterest, and all other social me2dia sites, to try and prevent this from happening to others.

  • Mar 22, 2017

On May 19th i stayeyed at yhe Rodeway Inn on Scarborough rd in columbus oh. I arrived for check in about 11 11:30. When i entered the room i noticed the strong smells and seen the rooms where not up to date and not very clean. But hey its just for a night we goin yry to make it work. When it was time to lay we pull back the main bed spread to fine old blood stains and other stains. We took those off the bed. The sheets were a lil better. Lay down try to go to sleep only to be waken by me be eaten by bedbugs. I immediately jump up and find one. Kill it take a pic and call the front desk. I explained about the room and that i will be down to show images of what me and family experienced. As i was putting my things on and together. The front desked called me back explaining that mangement wouldnt be in till morning to refund and discuss issue. I assured the front desk that i would be leaving the night and will return in morning.

I left a few items in the room. So i came back i the morning to get rest of my things and talk to mangement. When i get to the front desk there is a guy working refusing to get intouch with mangement or to see the pictures or hear my concern. I become a outrage and demand to see a mangement. They refused until i told them i wouldnt leave until speaking with one. A man comes from the back. I ask him was he mangement he ignores me. I asked them there names and cooperate office number. They refused. I start to record the situation. The man from the back gets on the phone and calls the police on me tells the police that he is threatened for his life and i was trying to bring him harm. Im still recording him. But asking him how did i threatened him for asking to speak with mangement. The police arrived i was escorted off property in wishes of mangement which came to be the guy from the back. The police assured me i had did nothing wrong that i was a civil matter. And here i am.

  • Nov 9, 2015

Why do I feel I was ripped off?

Got into the room close to 11PM. Checked emails and feel asleep on the bed with my clothes on. Woke up to take a shower and this is what I saw hair in the tub. Dried urine and pubic hair on the toilet. Dirt and mold on the trim in the walls. Rusty Refrigerator. Holes in both curtains. One curtain has mold. Showed the pictures to the rude woman at the desk and you would think she would have a clue to compensate me. Called later to ask for an adjustment to my bill I spent $80 for a unclean room and met with a defensive, abrasive and unprofessional matter from the same rude desk clerk saying that it was my fault that I did not say something after I checked in. Again I told her I was exhausted from a 13 hour drive and fell asleep when I got into the room. After being chastised and her unwillingness to work with me on this and did not received a call the next day from the manager or the general manager, I am posting pictures to warn travelers about booking a room here.

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