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Robert C. Butler

Country United States
State California
City Lompoc

Robert C. Butler Reviews

  • Nov 27, 2019

Robert C. Butler is locked up currently in a Fed Pen in Lompoc, CA. He and his accomplices MO was preying on elders in the Palm Desert area and bullshi**ing them with promises of big returns. Like any ponzi scheme the originators eventually can't pay people back and start making excuses about why payments are late but promise to pay soon.

In Robert's case he spent the money on houses, cars, and lots of gambling, drugs, booze (((REDACTED PER TOS))) in Las Vegas. A real cockroach to take elderly peoples money with no intention of paying us back and blow it on personal addictions.

Hopefully he is now getting abused daily, in multiple ways, while in prison. He is suppose to get out in 2021, then he has a lawsuit to face with Wynn Casinos. If we're lucky he will be put back in prison. If not look out for him because he'll go back to what he knows, ripping people off.

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