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River Edge Bed and Breakfast & Gathering Place

Country United States
State Michigan
City Lowell
Address 786 Flat River Dr SE
Phone 1 616-897-5928

River Edge Bed and Breakfast & Gathering Place Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2020

This vendor is not anything you want to be near if you have any sort of worldly crisis. They will keep your deposit and quit responding to your emails. They do not answer the phones when you call. I had first hand experience trying to reschedule a wedding due to COVID-19. They feel like if your other vendors availability does not correspond with theirs that is is not their issue to try to resolve with you.

They offered their rescheduling availability as: Sundays, Thursdays and a couple of Fridays, with one Saturday: July 4. They told me that I am "Only having a ceremony" at their location - with a significant deposit that was left with them. Not only now have I lost out on my deposit, I have lost out on a wedding ceremony location as well. They only see the bottom line: taking your money with no regard to you or anything else that is occuring around them.

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