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River Country Rentals LLC

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Cunningham
Address 1680 Co Rd 1024
Phone 1 270-642-2479

River Country Rentals LLC Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2020

Building initial purchase price was 10,400. orginainal down payment was 1200.00 they asked for more before delivery so they receieved 2200.00 prior to delivery.. which left an 8200.00 dollar balance, they purchased my lease from affordable buildings in oklahoma without advising me the consumer.

in june of 2016 my attorney advised me to file a chapter 13 bankrutcy, which i did ... in the bankruptcy proceedings proof of payment for 1000's of dollars was provided after many court hearings my attorney said we should just agree to the 7850.00.

they wanted as a payoff and be done with it.. so at this point this was agreed to and the bankruptcy court paid them close to 5000.00 in the period of the bankruptcy, immediatly prior to the bankruptcy they had filed in small claims court for less than 10k ....

now in 2020 the bankruptcy has been dismissed, they are sueing me in small claims court and now have opened a new case for the same building saying i owe them 40k, they have no lending licesnse in oklahoma.

i never noticed that affordable buildings sold the lease to river country rentals until a year after the bankruptcy was filed ... noted and signed by them and filed in the civil litigation... Now i am being sued for 10k for the orginial contract and the second suit is now for 40k.

they are spending thousands on high dollar attorneys for a buidling that had over 7k paid out of the 10,200, they sent people to my property took picture of my property , tried to access my gate. They recently sent a gentleman down from there office in kentucky, he sees the building has to go over a four foot retention wall and the chances of getting it out witout snapping it in half are like 0 percent ...

he says i think the company would be willing to take 5k to settle this ... i told him ok 5 k , he leaves and says i will get back with you next week, never heard a word from him again .. god suit papers a few weeks later... these people are crazy thieves.......!!!!!

So in turn i would recommend that any consumer stay away from both of these companies that are actually one company ... they lie, cheat and steal.... they will send a tow truck to your house collect cash payments and then state you never paid them... they will refuse to take online payments and block your account so you have to pay them late fees... BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

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