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  • Oct 13, 2020

Laws And Crimes Thrown Out The Window When It Benefits Them And The Covering Up Of Crimes That Would Risk Thier Election (And Re-Election)As Well As Their Constituents

Rhode Island Congressman Jack Reed, Congressman David Cicilline, Senator Jack Reed, And Senator James Langevin, Including other "high" ranking elected politicians from Rhode Island (Such as former RI Attorney General Patrick Lynch) have, over the course of decades, abused the rights of individuals in Rhode Island to benefit their political careers and keep the State of Rhode Island from legal liability. Inclusive of this abuse is the negation of any and all complaints levied against those deemed in the social circle or "in crowd" of Rhode Island politics and is inclusive of falsified police reports and charges to eliminate those who pose a challenge to re-election based on popularity or rising political prowess of others. Rhode Islanders have also been exposed to abuse by employers in Rhode Island, and specifically by companies that are tied politically to these politicians, and companies that have brought their companies and/or operations to Rhode Island, thus having brought jobs to Rhode Island that these politicians can then use as reasons to be re-elected.

For example, if an employer comes to Rhode Island and brings jobs to Rhode Island and one of these politicians contributed to the bringing of these jobs to Rhode Island and/or can use these jobs as a means to continually be re-elected, these companies are immune from legal repercussions of any illegality conducted against anyone from Rhode Island because these politicians do not want these companies becoming upset with Rhode Island and possibly leaving because these politicians used the fact these companies came to Rhode Island, through thier politicians efforts, and then use this fact to get re-elected. Therefore, the State of Rhode Island, regardless of the crimes committed against individuals in Rhode Island, will not prosecute or sue or hold legally liable any crime committed by these companies against individuals in Rhode Island (Or from elsewhere in Rhode Island) for fear that upsetting them will cause them to leave Rhode Island, thus costing Rhode Islanders jobs, thus costing these politicians re-election.

However, they will flip the case around and then charge the victim with crimes, or try to accuse him or her of a mental health condition to absolve themselves and these employers of any wrong doing. These are facts that are documented. Anyone can see the list of companies that have moved to, or moved some portion of their operations to Rhode Island under the election of any of these politicians, however, some of them include Fidelity Investments, Santander Bank (Sovereign Bank), Citizens Bank, United Healthcare, Toray Plastics, Washington Trust, CVS amongst others.

Again, this is all done to keep these politicians in office and curry favor with these employers to bring into, and keep jobs in, Rhode Island so they can use this to sway people to re-elect them and escape the legal and civil liability they otherwise would and should face.

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