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RHP Properties Inc

Country United States
State Michigan
City Farmington Hills
Address 31200 Northwestern Hwy
Phone 248-626-0737

RHP Properties Inc Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2018

I've lived in Lantana Cascades for just over a yr, I was promised the gates would be repaired by June, of 2017. We got hit by Irma, it took out almost 80% of the lights in the park they refuse to replace them. The big pool at the clubhouse has been broken for months, not fixed yet nor will it be anytime soon. My trailer is on the canal, the water management for the county is reclaiming 2 ft by roughly 20ft directly in back of my trailer. Bc of improper storm drains, it washes out the rear of my trailer. Everyone pays the same base lot rent, no matter if you have a lake view, double, triple or single lot.

The on site manager likes to change the late fees every month also. The office is NEVER open the 1st weekend of the month and they NEVER get the rent in the bank on time. So is residents get hit with late fees every month. I own my trailer outright and I know a lot of communities will give 6mth free lot rent if you pay cash or not a yr. Rent is going up yet again and we have asked for the list of whom is getting charged more, still no list given. And last, they read the water on the 12th of each month print out the statements between the 18th-22nd but we don't get them til almost the last day of the month and it's after 4pm or later. Office hours are: Mon-Fri 9-4. Saturday by appointment only.

  • Apr 6, 2018

No quality of life for residents. Busted fences (I’ve been asking for mine to be fixed for 3 years), speed bumps so high even school buses bottom out & property has been damaged for many residents, no heater in the pool meaning it is ice cold, huge potholes that go unfixed for years at a time causing more damage (the pothole big enough to fit my minivan in right on the other side of the too high speed bumps was incredible fun! Took 2 years to get that adequately fixed!). We’ve had 6-8 managers in the 8 years I’ve been here including the maintenance man who had no idea what he was doing. Refused to get involved when a neighbor was harassing my family for over a year. He told me call police, police told me to call him. Meanwhile my home was damaged, 21+ reports to Children’s services (all dismissed as unfounded!), cops & animal control weekly. All while James sat by and claimed there was NOTHING he could do. James “fixed” my fence by bending a wooden slat in half. One manager stole my deposit and changed our lease to state we had no deposit. Someone never entered my dogs so new management wants to charge me an application fee that I paid 8 years ago. One manager said we were behind somehow & the fees and all were $1000+. We didn’t understand how but paid it all to keep our home. Every time we brought in money she needed an additional $200-400 for “fees”. We paid it all. Still to this day they all refuse to give me those logs. Manager refused to provide receipts, though I did have money order receipts.. The fences are so busted up the dogs all run free because you can’t keep them in your yard. Their solution isn’t to fix the fence! Nope, that would be helpful & improve quality of life, can’t do that!! Instead they instructed residents to call animal control to have the dogs picked up or owners ticketed. Cause that’s helpful. They claim it’s because of the kids around here & some of the dogs are aggressive. Nearly every single fence in this neighborhood is damaged. There are unapproved structures hanging off half the porches, no permits, not within code. Sex offenders are living in some of the homes even though the lease says no sex offenders. They flat out lie & say that towing companies are fired as of xx date & 5 days later the same tow company is still here, driving around the property with his phone in front of his face. Cause that’s so much safer for the kids playing & riding their bikes?! Dead limbs hanging out of trees. Rent goes up every single year but the residents see zero benefits. They built this stupid tiny park “for the residents” but there’s a city park less than half a block on the other side of the fence from th property that is 100x better than the crappy one they built. They flat out wasted that money that could have gone for so many other things that would have been useful. I’ve called corporate & left messages that are unreturned (Regina), I’ve filled out comment cards that are supposed to be faxed over but never are (I mean if there was a complaint about you, would you send it to your boss?), I’ve called management, I’ve talked to the regional manager, Jennifer. None of them care about the residents here and what happens to them. I paid cash in a private sale for my home. I only pay them lot rent. I’ve tried to sell & they blocked my sales. At this point I can’t afford to move, I have no choice but to be here. Since I’m stuck, like 1000s of their other residents nationwide, it would be awesome if they gave some consideration & care to how we are living. Cared that our fences are in good repair. Cared that we didn’t damage our vehicles & other property on their property (because when I paid $2000 to fix my van that was damaged on their speed bumps & James laughed at me, told me I couldn’t prove it happened here & told me another guy busted his entire rim on the speed bump/pothole combination described above, it was hard to also pay my rent and other bills that next few months). Think they gave a dollar of consideration? None. Lastly, RACIST!! Do not buy a home in an RHP Property.

  • Apr 22, 2017

Pretty soon you will have to get your own website for all the scandalous crap that you will end up doing to people, I lived here way before RHP bought this place, infact, 25-30 years before. There was no lease signed then, and it took RHP from the time they took over to now, which is , lets say 5 years, to notice this, now we are being evicted. Diane, (manager) straight up lied. RHP raises the rent every year, and for why? Its not to make any improvements to the parks many sewer problems and water pipes. And I know its not used to keep the pool clean. And I know its the residents duty to keep thir yards nice but what can ya do when all you have is goatheads? And if you want anyone to come over to your new place, dont know where they would park cant park out on the streets ever. Day or night the tow truck comes any time, they are very gracious about putting yellow tickets on your door if your lot dont look the way they think it should, They want you to buy a home from bayshore and be in debt with them forever, but we owened our place, and it costs more to move it than what its worth. There are countless more issues with this place and I with so little space left. You, RHP & Sundown manager are real pieces of work, dont know how you sleep at night

  • Nov 23, 2016

I am a senior citizen who, until May of 2016, was living alone in my mobile home in the Pedaler's Pond mobile home park that is owned and operated by RHP Properties. In 2013, I had lived there for many years, had served in the Home Owners Association in several capacities, and had always been a rule-abiding member of the community.

In 2013, I realized that tree roots on the lot that I rent in Pedaler's Pond were causing damage to my back patio. I contacted the property manager immediately and requested that she have someone cut down the tree. She indicated that she would look into my claim. Over the next two years, I filed numerous verbal reports and sent emails and letters to both the property manager and RHP Properties - as when they aquired Pedaler's Pond, their reprentatives came to my property and took pictures of the tree roots and the damage they were causing.

In 2015, after a long, detailed letter to RHP Properties, they had the tree removed. Unfortunately, by that time a vast amount of damage had occurred to my home. Additionally, they did not have the roots or the stump removed, only the tree. Again, I called the property manager with my complaint. After a few weeks, the stump was removed but the roots are still a problem.

In addition to the root problem, I discovered that there are holes underneath carport and front porch of my home. After an inspector looked at my home, he discovered that my home was sinking "at an alarming rate" because of improper water drainage on the lot and soft ground underneath and around the home. The sinking was causing my home to separate from the front porch, so I had the home leveled. However, I was told that repairs would be a continuous need until the land issue has been solved. Once again, I contacted the property manager and RHP Properties. To date I have not received a response.

My lot isn't the only lot with these land issues. Other homes around me have experienced and continue to experience damage. Neighbors have dug trenches of their own, trying to deflect the water away from their homes, and driveways have cracked and collapsed on several of the lots around my home. Some of these driveways have been repaired by RHP Properties. However, they have not addressed the larger issue, which is the improper water drainage on this row of lots.

There is much more to this story...after worrying about this situation for so long, I had a mini-stroke in May of this year. My daughter moved me from my mobile home into their home because I am so afraid to stay in my home until the water issued has been resolved and the land has been stabalized. This has been such a dissapointing and heartbreaking situation for me. RHP properties and the property manager at Pedaler's Pond have failed all of us who live in the area that is plagued with water drainage issues. The damage to my home could have been avoided, if only they had been willing to properly care for their property.

  • Dec 11, 2015

I live in NorthStar Estates Manufactured Home Park, owned by RHP, In Nov 2014, I woke up and was walking out the door when I noticed water all over the floor on the end of home... After investigating, it was raw sewage and had taken out one bathroom and bedroom. I cleaned up as much as I could and went to work to get a commercail vac.. returned and informed mgmt that there was a problem. I had that end of house shut off as I did not use, had not used for some time. No water had been run in my home outside of brushing my teeth in the AM.. They informed me they would send maint. over, of which I was home for two days and all weekend and no one came over, in the wildst sewage kept coming into the home, I could not use the toilet facilties or the bath/shower, I was bucketing sewage and shop vaccing trying to keep up, Informed mgmt again, said maint was there, told him I had been home and no one came there.

Said he would send him over again??Long story short, after calling tenant's rights, state attorney's office, justice legal, going down to stop rent payments, calling a zillion plumbers (not my property, owner has to call) I finally got hold of upper mgmt after many tries and they finally finnaly repaired in April 2015. The roots of a tree got into the sewage line in my backyard. I had crawled under the home the first week this happened and the water was there with no place to go, I knew it was in the ground, they kept telling me to put drain cleaner down there, cause I probably had grease in the line, they told me it was the pitch on my sewage line coming from the end of house I did not use, I crawled on top of pipe and brought it to the ground where they line went into ground and repaired it within the same week.

The maint guy to hadf a company come flush just before xmas and let me tell you as rude as anyone could be, they flushed it for 10 min, -20 degrees that day and left, did not say it was fixed or anything, hours later sewage came back up into home, I baled more than 200 buckets of sewage from my home, I was sic from work for days on end thru the winter, I smelled like a cesspool, had to take baths in the sink with boiled water, I slipped and fell on ice and water in bathroom, I froze trying to keep the heat down so as not to have sewage going thru the air vents, I had to use electric heaters to keep warm room by room. I had to go to my workplace to use the toilet facilities, I came home twice during the day, everyday to check on the volume of sewage coming into home and bale if needed. I complained and complained, 5 times total... frustrated, sic, cold (very cold winter last year) tried to work to pay my bills, took my vacation time for paychecks, used all my sic time..

I had a skating rink outside of my home of sewage going out and down my skiirting, I threw the buckets of sewage out the front door in front of all in the snow. (grass still does not grow so good there) Long story short going over this mgmt head he finally got that maint guy to come and flush until he found the problem, He still tried to tell me it was grease down my lines, all the while upper mgmt left me a voice message telling me that it was a broken line and to use my water sparingly till they get it fixed, that was in MARCH 2015, they did not repair until mid April because I called him every other day saying when are you going to fix your problem...All this time I had to pay full rent 541.00 per month, now water and no sewage from Nov 18-April 2015. I have great losses in home, this is something that should of been fixed in 24-48 hours. My house was just completed being redone 2 days ago, All my belongings, all, were in a POD in my driveway, unaccessable for 8 months.

I lived w/ tv on wall, mattress on floor, and patio deck table for dining..My food, my toiletries my clothing my laundry equipment everything locked up.. unreachable. I had cold and wet in spring and I had heat and humidty in summer, no central air as vents were pulled... I suffered greatly. I should never of been living in here but the car was not an option, I have no CC to go stay in hotel. and I have pets. I spent a week in hospital, I can no longer breathe and I went afib three times out of stress. I am 60 yrs old and live alone and so did not deserve this, One year of my life has been in hell and this place did not give a d**n. All they wanted was their money. The offered me a 350.00 discount on rent for may june & july while I slept on my floor and went thru 6 mnths of hell...

I told them that was not good enough, My solid oakd king bed went to dump, my antique dresser went to dump, my food is garbage, if had been boiled and frozen. My utilites were way off and I had to pay..On their discount they even sent me eviction notices and threatened me trying to make me pay the discount they gave me. They threatened to charge me for repairs.. All the while my insurance company and adjusters witness the sewage backup out of the ground and sent me a letter in November denying the claim because it was in the ground. Everyone but this park acknowledged it to be a problem in ground, which is their property and not mine.. No human being should ever have to go thru this and have to pay to go thru it... any attorneys out there.

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