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Country United States
State California
City Fresno
Address 5357 E Home Ave
Phone (559) 455-1200

RHEEM Reviews

  • Dec 17, 2015

I purchased an eco net device to control my hot water heater while I was away. While the idea behind the product is good, Rheem just can't make it work! And what makes matters worse is that I read reviews that said just that. I should have know better. That's my fault!

I have been trying for about 6 months now to get this thing to work properly and all I get is empty promises from Rheem. They are always working on it But never get it fixed! They always have an excuse and never a solution.

I am away from home now and the first thing I'll do when I get home Is remove the device and return it for a refund on my $99. What a rip off!!! Rheem should be ashamed

  • Aug 19, 2015

They expect me to fix them and take the loss on them they will not pay labor only parts. Takes too long to get them to respond and my customers are getting upset at me when I am just the installer. The manufacture and the destributor have no stress once they pass on the deffective unit to the contractor and the customer they just want to cover the parts that are on warranty and the customer and contractor have to deal with the issue of the deffective unit. One month unit will break down or there have been instances where we have the unit delivered with no freon with a leak. They don't have quality control and because of their business practices they don't care once the unit is out of their hands, the contractor and customer have to deal with the problem. My company has lost thousands of dollars trying to make it right for the customer because the distributor and the manufacture just wouln't and if they do it takes months to get the problem resolved. Meanwhile the customer suffers and the contractor spends lots of time giving free labor to make it right. Fresno California

I have been doing business with Heating & Cooling for years. Throught the years I have purchased several units and I cama accross several that are deffective from the start. It is such a hazzle for us to get a new unit and I end up loosing a lot of time and money trying to fix a unit that I purchased that was deffective and the distributor Heating & Cooling Supply makes it really difficult to have an exchange. I just lost a few customers over the deffective units that I installed. Customers don't understand I am the middle man and I only installed them. I am not the one producing deffective air conditioner units.

I believe there is poor quality control from the manufacture and the distributor does not check the units and the contractor and the customer end up with the deffective merchandize which ends up being their problem and the manufacture and the distributor just walk away from the problem and expect the contractor to diagnose what is wrong with the unit and this is something that I don't think is right. Why should the contractor loose money and time diagnosing the problem for the manufacture and the destributor without payment. If we purchase a product we should have the right to return it and get one that works. It should not be our responsibility to diagnose what is wrong with the unit. We did not manufactured the unit we just purchased it. If I bought something that was deffective anywhere else I am able to return it without any issues. Now why is it that with this company I cannot return a deffective product? Why should it be my company's responsability to diagnosed the problem and fix it and why should the customer pay labor for buying a deffective unit from us.

I think there has to be some type of law that would make manufactures cover all expensives incured due to their deffective muerchansize.

Poor business practices and violation of consumer rights.

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