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RevShareMedia, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Irvine
Address 2151 Dupont Drive
Phone 866-560-6540

RevShareMedia, Inc. Reviews

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  • Jul 11, 2017

In May, 2016, I was contacted by hone by Joe Franco with a proposal to build a website and run campaigns that would generate no less than 30% on the money I put into the venture. He said I had to purchase Leads from, for no less that $5,000 worth. He asked me to make a deposit of $1,000 into FastRank's Bank of America account, and that I could not use credit card for the transaction. I explained to him that I new very little about running campaigns, the nature of the transaction RevShare would engage in. I was told that they would do the 1st campaign while I was learning from the Coach, so that I would be able to do the second campaign. RevShare would receive 20% of the profit proceeds. The projected amount of the campaign according to RevShare would be close to $200,000.

After I made the deposit of $5,000 I was required to email the deposit receipt to Joe Franco. Aisha called me to set up a training schedule with Marcel. Soon after it began, Joe called me to inform me that I needed to purchase a dedicated server along with additional Leads from FastRank. for an additional $20,000. I explained that I did not have that kind of money. He said that since I have an IRA account (which information was gathered when profiled), I should use it as I would be able to replace the amount in a short period. I explained that I was 62 years old and did not want to lose the money as I was depending on it to help with retirement. He encouraged me that I will be happy with the result. Again, I had to purchase $20,000 dedicated server/Leads for FastRank.

The first campaign scheduled date conflicted with me having a death in my family. I informed Marcel that I had to take time off to handle funeral arrangements. Soon after that event, I contacted Marcel to resume training. I had to set up Godaddy and other accounts where I had to pay monthly fees. The training process was always rushed, with Marcel doing what I could not understand. At one point I had to tell him that I was not understanding what was being done, if I am expected to do a second campaign on my own. I realized that I would call in for scheduled sessions/trainings and would get no response, or if I did, it would be for 15 to 20 minutes, so I asked Marcel to set a Campaign date so that we could use it as a goal. When Marcel said he was ready for the campaign, he asked me to get the leads from FastRank and forward them to him. I did. He said he did the campaign. There was not a single response from the campaign. I asked Marcel why the campaign provided no result; he said he would have to check with others in RevShare for help because he did not know why. He then transferred me to another of his collegue - Al, however I got nowhere with Al as none of my calls or messages left, were returned. I contacted Marcel again to let me know that I had received no help from Al. After that, I would call Marcel and get no answers, after he promised to see what could be done otherwise to help me not lose the money I spent.

At the beginning of my dealing with FastRank, it had a Chat line, but later the line disappeared. I tried to no avail to get a formal receipt from them for the purchases I made. They have a fake phone number on their website that does not work. It is my opinion that RevShare and FastRank connive to deceive, scam to extort money from individuals under the pretense that they are legitimate businesses who will help individuals, instead they are operating what seems to be a ponzi scheme. I have made two appeals to Frank Bishop on RevShare's website, where you are given an opportunity to contact him directly, and he guarantees that he will respond to your inquiry. He has not responded to either of my email left on their website. At one point I called Joe Franco to inform him that I was not getting them to stick with the campaign/training schedule, and that I was leary about how I had put over 50% of my IRA funds into this venture and could not afford to lose it. I need it to retire soon. His response to me in a basically rude manner was that I should claim it as a loss on my taxes. Claiming it as a loss will not give me $25,000 to restore my IRA funds.

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  • Feb 20, 2018

Screw this company...

Ill go to my grave to make sure that never do business with another person they scamed me too...

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  • Jun 30, 2017

I signed up with RevShare Media in April on the premise of substantial return on the initial lead investment of $500. Things seem to be progressing until there was no return on the initial ad campaign. Since that time, they have only communicated with me once, in spite of numerous attempts on my part to contact them and elicit a response. I would like to lodge this complaint so that my experience is added to the record, in addition to any further action I may pursue. Engagement with this company I would highly discourage! It sound legitimate, but it does not appear to be

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  • Jan 3, 2018

In March of 2016. Joseph Franco and Frank Bishop contacted me and I paid $4500 for leads...I would convert over what is the best product of lifetime..My story is the same as the others on this page but my deal has gone on longer than the others...I have lost an incredible amount of money in this with no results, none, zero, zilch. Marcelo was a rude, condescending and told me I didn't understand the affliate marketing. I explained I did not but I do know that businesses are not run this way...I never got my leads til October of this last year over 18 months... The leads are not what was promised the server they said I had to buy so many leads is a dud. Marcel "the expert" could never get a successful campaign off the ground...This has not generated not one dime but a shitload of finacial heartache and problems that will continue for years...I want to make sure that Revsharemedia will never ever do a lick of business in the world wide web again...

  • Dec 19, 2017

I want my money back! RevShare Media sold me on the idea of making money having my own web hosting business. Paid $5000 to Legit Traffic for 5000 leads. Seen on the receipt that Legit Traffic has a no refund policy. The salesman (I want to say Steve or Joe but I'm not too sure) failed to tell me in the beginning but thought I'd give it a try anyway. Got set up one on one with a mentor (Christian) to help me with the process. Everything was going good for a month or so. Unfortunately, I received a phone call from Mr. Scott Miller March 14, 2017. We had a lengthy discussion that I needed my own server and to pay another $10,000 to Legit Traffic for 10,000 more leads which included a free server. The salesperson again failed to tell me I needed my own server in the beginning. Mr. Miller kept telling me this same scenario over and over...If I had a vehicle with no gas in it it wouldn't go anywhere. I tried telling him I didn't have the (gas) $10,000 but apparently he didn't believe me and we argued quite a bit to try to convince me that somehow I had the money! This lengthy conversation didn't get anywhere. I was feeling uncomfortable so I told him I had to go to think about it more and told him I'll call him back the next day.

Next day came, I called only to get an answering service to take down my name and info and promised to have someone get back to me. No one got back to me. Called a couple times after that and got no response from them. Decided to call Legit Traffic and tell them my situation that I paid them $5000 for 5000 leads but never received them. They don't accept calls only live text messages. Texted the message to them only for them to inform me about the "no refund” policy and suggested I contact RevShare Media. Tried a couple times and got no response from them. So I'm at loss and don't know where to turn. I decided to go with Legit Traffic, being that they took my money and I didn't receive what I paid for however, Rev Share Media is also responsible. Legit Traffic logo is: "Traffic So Legit, We Guarantee Our Results". The only thing I was guaranteed was me being out my $5000!!!

  • Dec 6, 2017 Rev. Joe ans others contacted me to buy leads with they told me to deposit money with chase bank in legittraffic account. then they told me I needed more leads and a private server to get my leads out and legit would give me a private server if I upped the leads to 12,500 at a $1. per lead and it would generate $100 per web hosting page with My campaign was suppose to be March 29, 2017.. Revsharemedia told me they would not get paid until I got paid and I would have to give them 20% of the profits Now they won't return phone calls and they were suppose to train me to do this on my own. I am out $12,500 and I believe they setup a fake campaign to take the profits for themselves and only give me the failed report.....I have no proof but I know they are registered as a corporation in NJ as well as I believe they are coluded with one another to fake and take your money...

  • Dec 6, 2017

These people need to be stoped they are liers and robed me they are selling web hosting and tell you you are going to make money if you buy a lot of traffic leads Scott Miller who told me I would be wealthy just robed me marcel who at the time was my campaign manager is a total jerk he is in on it if you look on the website right now you will see his picture that was suppose to be marcel his new name is frank gill I reapeat do not do business with these people you will get robed they get you by putting up some other website that’s totally different from what there offing you then get directed to sales funnel so it’s totally different from what you where going to buy in the first place real sneaky stuff so they get you sucked in then let the games begging you are on your way to getting robed.

  • Oct 9, 2017

I was called my a woman that worked for RevShare Media back in November of 2016 to "qualify" me for their program. Once I did, thier founding partners would be calling me: Joe Franko, Jordan Price, then Stephen Ross.

I was told by both Joe Franko and Stephen Ross that I would be expecting a 15-17% minimum sale rate from thier initial campaign via sales from GoDaddy, sent out to leads that were interested in website design and hosting. I was later told that I wold need to buy leads for this campaign and was directed to Legit on the east coast. I initially was told that I needed to buy 10,000. leads a $1.00 per lead, which I have now found are the most expensive leads in the industry!

After purchasing these leads a few weeks down the road I was then told that I needed to have my own server to be able to email this volume of recipients, after having me pay for a year up front with another email processing company that was useless, because they couldn't handle even close to the volume were were sending to. I was then referred back to Legit Traffic to utilize THEIR server, but in order to do so, I have to have a 40,000 lead order with them for a "life time" license and access to their another $30,000. was required.

So RevShare now had access to this server and eventually did launch a campaign which turned out NOT to produce ONE opt-in or sale. The leads from Legit Traffic were garbage. They then sent me another set of replacement leads, and even ended up sending me 100,000 new leads by mistake. The next supposed launch was to 140,000. leads! And guess what....there was once again ZERO response!!

Almost one year has gone by and both Revshare Media nor Legit Traffic has done ZERO for me. First promising me a 15% minimum return at 100 dollars per sale.....yes, do the math: $600,000. then minus their 20% commission, to net me close to $480,000.! And that was just with the original 40,000. leads! Not one sale nor one dollar made!

Bottom line is that I feel that there is an ongoing scam with Legit Traffic and RevShare Media. The victims like me are referred to Legit Traffic for the big lead purchase, and RevShare Media gets a percentage of the leads purchase.

RevShare Media will make money whether they so a launch for you or not. So I am out $40,000. with not one sale, and RevShare media has done NOTHING in this entire year to do a successful launch. Ignored phone messages and emails.

They are SCAMMERs!

Feel free to email me at : [email protected] net

PS: I have been contacted by others with the exact same story wanting to embark on a class action lawsuit.

  • Jun 7, 2017

I received a call from a guy named from a Frank Bishop offering me an opportunity to partner with the company. The partnership was no cost upfront, but there would be a 80/20 split on all revenue earned via the marketing efforts of the company. So on 09/12/16 I received a Welcome email, which included an itinerary laying out the steps to be completed. According the the schedule, everything would be completed by 10/06/16. I began meeting with a campaign Manager who was supposed to assist me in creating all accounts needed for this campaign. The accounts included:,,, and Google Analytics. In the beginning everything was working according to schedule, then things began to change. It appeared that when we got to the more complicated part of the campaign, I started to receive less and less communication from my campaign manager (weekly meetings). I tried calling my campaign manager and he was either unavailable, sick, out of the office and would not return my calls for several days. It begain to get even worse, my calls were not returned at all. I attempted trying to reach him by email, no response.

The thing that upset me most is that they claim you need a dedicated server for the leads they make you purchase. I purchased leads through a company they recommended and have gotten no benefit from the leads that were purchased. I by no means thought I would become rich overnight but the overall plan seemed pretty sound until I began to loose contact with the company. It has benn almost a year and I am still calling and emailing with no response or followuo, So to eveyone who comes in contact with this company, BEWARE!

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