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Revers Engineers Media, LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 13434 Kaltenbrun Rd
Phone 832 689 2258

Revers Engineers Media, LLC Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2020

This is literally the worst lead generation company have ever used.

We are based out of Aurora, IL and have gotten over 15 leads that are not even in this state. Oregon, Texas, Michigan and others.

Got the first lead on Sept. 25th with no address and by Sept. 28th we knew that these were garbage click bait leads. Contacted a customer just seconds after receiving the lead and they were not interested. Asked for a refund on Sept. 28th.

Continued to receive garbage leads. Sent them another message on Oct. 4th 1:30pm saying these were "pure trash". Reached out again Fri. Oct 9th for a lead in Portland. Was told to "disregard". Sent them back another 2 on Oct 9th with no response. Sent them another on Sun. morning Oct. 10th in Oregon and was told again to "disregard". On Tues. Oct 13th sent them one for Indiana with no response.

Today, Oct. 15th sent them one in Portland and 3 in Texas. Demanded a refund once again. They finally responded saying "we are fixing your campaign". I told them to refund immediately. No response. I will give them until the end of the day to submit a refund or we will respond to the fullest extent of the law.

Do not waste your money here. This is a total scam.

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