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REV Motors

Country United States
State Oregon
City Portland
Address 8600 SW Canyon Rd
Phone 503-224-2200

REV Motors Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2017

I wish I had reviews on REV before I went there...I now know why they have lots of poor reviews and a sub-par rating with the BBB and other online sites. What a complete waste of time just shopping there. I was smart enough to not buy anything from these 'slick' used car salesmen. Stay away from this place - NOT trustworthy, ethical, or even pleasant to deal with. I was told the car I was looking at went through "complete multi-point inspections" and was a "One Off" lease return in great condition - and that they 'thoroughly inspect all vehicles'. BUT, what they failed to mention is it had been in a WRECK---I am quite familiar with body work on cars and this car clearly had work done to it---maybe to an untrained eye it wouldn't be noticed but I saw it. And, I'm sure they saw it and knew it - but did NOT mention this to me. When I pointed it out I was told it had a 'clean Carfax' so there was "nothing to worry about." The guy (I think his name was Jason) helping me got defensive when I explained that Carfax doesn't show accidents/wrecks if they didn't go through insurance, police report, or DMV. He clearly didn't want to deal with me after I pointed out the issues with the car. I left and will never go back. I got a bad feeling at this place - and then after researching online I found several BAD reports. Stay away from REV...

  • Aug 12, 2016

Beware of REV....Absolutely NO work is ever done on any of their cars - they get them in and out as quickly as possible and give you a big sales pitch about how most of their cars are "One Offs" and "Lease Returns" that are inspected, under warranty, etc. but fail to even look them over before slapping a price tag on it. They could care less about the quality of cars on their small, unattractive lot---they just want to make a quick buck and get you out of there. We bought a car there just recently and they made a point to tell us numerous times about the detailed inspections their cars pass before being sold by Rev. However, two days after taking the car off the lot the check engine light has come on numerous times requiring us to replace a valve. No oil change was done on the car, which isn't a big deal to do but one would expect the basics to be taken care of. The taillights are also cracked and need to be replaced. Of course they only reply with: "It's used, as is, and it's up to the consumer to inspect.' Blah, blah, blah. Really??? What about basic customer service? Who cares about 'as is' when there are lots of other choices/ways to purchase vehicles these days---there are dealers who do provide basic customer service and stand behind their products.

I guess you get what you pay for with a used car but I'm extremely disappointed in the condition of a car this dealership is comfortable selling. And customer service? Forget it---NO service of any kind from REV.

  • Jun 20, 2016

Worst experience of our purchasing a car EVER! No customer service, they don't appear to inspect ANY car they sell - they simply put a sticker price on and sell 'as is', and they don't care about ethics and doing the right thing. We bought a 1 1/2 year old BMW 328i in August of 2015 and only had it 4 months when the paint on the ENTIRE driver's side began to peel and chip. Before we purchased it we asked if it had been any accidents, had work done, and asked for the CarFax report - they claimed it had not. It's under manuf. BMW warranty so we took it to

Kuni BMW to have it inspected and determine if the peeling paint was a warranty issue. It was not---Kuni reported it had been in a BAD ACCIDENT and had "significant", not cosmetic, damage and a sub-standard repair, which is why the paint was peeling.

The accident the car was in was not reported and didn't show up on a CarFax report. Kuni wrote a report for us to take to REV and give them an opportunity to do the right thing and take care of us, their customer. They did not. After several phone calls, e-mails, and stopping by their dealership

twice we finally talked to one of the owners, ANDREW. Andrew tried to downplay the damage of the car and kept referring to it as "cosmetic"---even though after a thorough inspection by Kuni BMW it was found to be 'significant damage'---and we had this in writing from Kuni. The best Andrew could do to help was to arrange for an auto body shop to repair/re-paint---and the price quoted was retail - not even a significant discount. The bottom line is they did not care about their customers, stand behind the products they sell, and have zero ethics. Not only have

they lost business from us forever, but we are gladly telling everyone we know about our experience, posting about it on social media, and filing a complaint with the BBB. Stay away from REV - they are slick, old-school, used car salesmen...horrible, horrible, horrible.

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