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Retriever Medical Dental Payments, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Valhalla
Address 115 E Stevens Ave
Phone 914-238-1031

Retriever Medical Dental Payments, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 20, 2018

Retriever medical / dental payments, inc new york nationwide

I wanted to cancel my account with retriever medical/dental payments inc. I asked my office manager to deal with this issue. She contacted the company and set an appointment with mr. Christopher leace. He came to the office and demanded to see me. I was not at the office at the time. He said he would not discuss cancellation unless i am present.

I called mr. Leace, he indicated that for me to cancel, i have to meet with him. I told him i was busy, and i want to cancel. After informing him that it is rediculous not to be able to cancel without a meeting, he talked to his manager and he said he will send me the paper work for cancellation of the account. He also indicated that per our contract and per the statments i receive every month, there is a cancellation fee of up to $700. I told him that if indeed that is in our contract, i will be happy to pay the cancellation fee.

Mr. Leace sent me the documents to fill to cancel the account. I went and reviewed our contract with retriever, that i signed to start the account. It does not contain any information about a cancellation fee. In fact, the contract duration was for 48 month, and it is no longer valid as it has already expired. I reviewed our monthly statements and in these, there was no mention of a cancellation fee.

Based on this information, i wrote an official letter, on an official letterhead. Requesting the cancellation of the account. I singed the letter and faxed it to mr. Leace. I indicated in the letter that i did not find any mention of a cancellation fee on any contract i signed with them and that i will be happy to pay if they show me a signed contract stating these cancellation fees.

I received an e mail today from mr. Leach saying that " the only way we can get the account closed is if we receive our valid cancellation letter back signed and initialed by the original signer." their letter contains inaccurate information that i refuse to sign. I sent them an official letter of cancellation and they should honor that. No where in the contract does it say i have to sign their cancellation fee.

Further, in the same e mail, mr. Leach states:"if you look on your original retriever contract, under section 10, occurrence fees, it indicates we will beat any valid written offer or your liquated damaged of $700 will be waived, if we cannot." yet, he does not show me that i ever signed to that-because i did not and it is not in the contract i signed.

I e mailed him back saying that if he does not cancel my account, based on my official signed letter, i will submit a report to Yscam.I am very troubled that i have to go through all this just to cancel an account. What more than sending an official signed letter do these people want? Their form is made to make the person sign that they acknowledge that there are cancellation fees. I will not acknowledge that as i do not see it on the contract that i have, and i will gladly pay it if they show me a copy of a contract that i signed that shows the information relating to the cancellation fee. But, i will not sign their cancellation form-i already provided mine.

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