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Reptile Deli, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 844-482-0100

Reptile Deli, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2021

I signed up with Reptile Deli on line to receive a subscription of Dubai roaches. My first sent order was fine. I called them after my first order to bulk up my subscription. I called, emailed and tried to live chat, but never was able to reach anyone after a week of trying. I then tried to cancel my order because I couldn't speak to anyone and actually get what I needed. I called and left messages everyday for about two weeks to cancel my order. No one ever reached out to me, but I could see on my account they canceled my subscription. I also saw they charged my card and sent no bugs. I called again and left messages of what had happened and that I was so frustrated with them.

I gave them the option to refund me or send bugs, but I wanted to be compensated. No one reached out to me, but I saw on my account they sent the bugs. I was charged full price for quick shipping as these are live bugs. They shipped them ground. I received them two weeks later all dead! I was so irritated with this company I was just relieved to be done with them at this point. Almost a month after this I then see they activated my account again and are now claiming to ship bugs again. I have no idea if they plan to ship me, but my frustration is this company is a scam. There is zero recourse I can take. There is no where to leave feedback to worn other people. I just think it's crazy company's can charge people when there is no exchange for goods!

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