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Rent A Press

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 4133 W Patrick Ln
Phone 1 855-742-5940

Rent A Press Reviews

  • Mar 29, 2021

I've used Rent A Press on several occasions, and I would say 3 out of five orders I've placed with them either are delivered to the wrong address, the job is done very poorly, or it doesn't get delivered at all. The reason I am submitting a Rip Off Report is because of how they handle the problems.

First, they don't respond to emails until days later and only if you send multiple emails. Secondly, They rarely answer their phone, and when they do, you can hardly hear them because it sounds like the press operator picked up the call. But worst of all, is that they dispute your claim without any evidence, and on two occasions have lied about the issue so as not to rectify the matter.

I have tried giving them many chances and tried working with them, but I don't see any improvement. Whoever is responsible for managing customer service needs a new job. It's a shame, because this company could be a great resource, but they don't appear to be interested in running a reputable organization.

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