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Receivables Performance Management

Country United States
State Washington
City Lynnwood
Address 20816 44th Avenue W # Main
Phone 425-412-2600

Receivables Performance Management Reviews

  • Jan 25, 2017

I've been trying to reconcile bogus charges from Verizon Wireless. RPM is the collection company they are allegedly using. I say allegedly because they have not responded with the detailed information I requested. Instead I received a summary.

I have sent a reconciliation that they allegedly say they sent to Verizon. They don't actually do anything. I don't believe they are a real collection company.

  • Apr 11, 2016

Recievable Performance Managment RPM has been calling my residence for the past 2 weeks at least. Today I finally got to the phone before they hung up to find they were looking for someone named Adon. I Insisted to speak with a supervisor to find out how they attained my information, who this guy Adon is. My phone is private. I do not apprecaite my number being affiliated with anyone else. They called a private number multiple times to reach someone I don't even know.

I spoke to a manager named "Dilon Martin" who was very; rude, un-professional, unhelpful, in regards to helping me find out how he got my info. I insist that if his business called my home he is requesting my time without my concent. Once he deleted me from the call list he claimed that by law he is not pressured to do anything else. I am strict about my privacy and it was violated. To make matter worse I was told that I was being unreasonable to insist to know who is selling my information.

Anyone who is reading this: Dilon Martin of RPM is not an employee you want on your team. Unless, what you business is a big scam. It looks like he's good at that. If you have a legit business he will deny any responsibility of damages due. From my experience with him I will be reporting a corporate claim for damages. I was prepared to just report the business for telemarteting scam but my time with him was so disrespectful that he needs to be brought into correcting what's been taken from me.

I still insist being told who sold them my info.

  • Oct 20, 2015

Receivables Perfermance Management, LLC RPM RIPPED OFF , I had received a letter in the mail RE: my last bill from Sprint, In calling RMP I set up 2=4 payment to be taken out of my checking account. This was done according to our agreement, I wanted to go back to Sprint as a customer so I called RPM and they offered me a 30% discount if I paid it that day, and told me My account with Sprint was paid in full, it was closed, I wanted to start reusing Sprint as a cell carrier but when I called, I found out that I still had an outstanding balance with them, which was the same as the discount that RPM had gave me. In calling Sprint they said that RPM should of advised me that the settlement did not clear my account with Sprint. I called RPM and their answer was TS. I feel that RPS is diffnetly a RIP OFF COMPANY and should be closed down.

  • Oct 3, 2015

These people call me dozens of times per day sometimes.

if i say im at work, they tell me to take a cigarette (i dont even smoke, they expect me to tell my boss i just started) or bathroom break, if im driving and answer on speakerphone, they demand i pull over to get my credit card out.

they wont identify themselves until i give them information about myself first, and even called my minor child and told them they couldnt tell her what it was in regards to and made her freak out because she thought something happened to one of her siblings and they refused to tell her who they were or what the call was in regards to, but only that it was an emergency and they needed to talk to me immediately, and if i was nearby she needed to hand the phone over to me.

ive about had it with this harassment and sprint will not get their money as long as these people are the ones harassing me for it.

at first i told them i would pay them friday and they begin the harassment wednesday. i tell them im gonna pay it off when the refund check comes from tmobile and they harass me instantly and even try to calculate the remaining balance and demand that payment. ive never denied bill collectors before as i wanted to pay sprint off but the emotional trauma they cause far exceeds the value my wonderful credit score will take the slight hit for....

these people are ridiculous and after reading these reports, its obvious that they are only scamming me for money i dont owe them and only owe to sprint so im filing this report everywhere i can.

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