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rapid! PayCard

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 5300 W. Cypress Street, Suite 150
Phone 813-337-5015

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  • Oct 14, 2017

I did on a dispute on August 31 2017. Someone stole $560 off my card. I sent in all information and was giving my $560 back. Today October 13 2017 they took the $560 and they had no right to. I am needing some one to out my money back on my card asap. My $560 that was took had nothing to do with the money I got today. They can not give me any information on who did the dispute or the investigation. That means someone is lying and I need my money back before I press charges with the police.

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  • Dec 8, 2020

need my money bad on my card they took it for no reason

need money back on my card been giving me run arounds

  • Apr 5, 2019

possible identity theft

They put a stop on my card out of the blue that I have had for a couple of years. When I called about it, they (Oscar Supervisor) stated they needed a copy of my Drivers license and a copy of my SS card. Ummm, the last I checked, no prepaid card has ever asked for both those IDs. Not only that, but they refuse to give me my money on the card unless I send in copies of those id cards. Oscar also stated he could not reimburse my company their direct deposit. No resolution. and no id cards sent. Total scam alert!

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