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Raphael House

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 1065 Sutter St
Phone 415-474-4621

Raphael House Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2017

This note is to "call out" The Rapheal House for sheer negligence towards the population it 'claims' to serve, domestic violence victims. With regards to protecting victim's privacy, Raphael House has let the cat out of the bag in the SouthEast Portland community. This will be noted below.

On 4/14/17, I walked into a "New Seasons Market" a grocery chain in the Pacific Northwest with stores in Portland, Vancouver, Wa., Seattle, and California. On this day, I made a few purchases and did not need a bag. When the cashier asked where I wanted to donate my bag credit, I stated, "you can pick." He said, "Rapheal House, always Raphael House." Now, this was a red flag, as domestic violence shelters are supposed to protect their clients' privacy. Theoretically, no one should know they even exist except a very small handful of folks - the victims themselves, staff, and maybe some government officials or a District Attorney. The general population should not even KNOW of their existence.

Just to give you an idea of the size of this company, New Seasons has 18 stores in the Portland/Vancouver area, per their website: There is one location outside of Seattle and one in California, with a statement for at least 4 more stores to open. Every employee at this specific store working the cash register knows about Rapheal House, as they are responsible for noting the person's bag credit. Great, just great. Way to go, Raphael House. On top of that, there have to be a number of "Higher ups" who know, too, as they had to get the "bag credit" put into some deranged system at the cash register. What is to keep these people, now, from telling their family and friends of Raphael House? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

On top of that, it just "happens" that I overheard some kids talking on the bus today 4/15 about the LOCATION of this supposed "confidential" "shelter." What a laugh. Some teenagers know where it's at? I sure wouldn't feel safe there. I was on the 15 bus line, when it drove past the cross streets 49th and Belmont and that's when I heard a young boy's voice, "Yeah, that's Raphael House, a place for abused women."

What sheer ignorance. He probably learned that from his high school civics teacher. So much misinformation out there. It would take literally decades to set it straight. To him "abused women" is just some catchphrase. Then, if I punch him for his ignorance, “I'm a violent person” and “repeating a cycle of domestic violence” or “I must have an abusive boyfriend.” Wow.

Rule of thumb - don't trust these people - they have a very disclosed location and open dialogue with the public regarding their existence. As they, themselves are a very tiny non-profit, they, like most of the other advocacy groups simply repeat rhetoric from some programmed training they had by a Monkey. No one at these places really understands the issues at hand regarding domestic violence (I loathe this term by the way), they blindly going through the motions and are literally putting women's lives at risk in doing so. Blind faith is a dangerous line to walk. Shut these f***ers down

Donors: Withdraw your money! Donate to a real person.

Victims: Don't go here - you will be brainwashed and have your safety compromised. Stay in your car. Run like hell!

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