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Randalls Rack and Pinion

Country Canada
City British Columbia
Phone 1-877-500-(7225)

Randalls Rack and Pinion Reviews

  • Mar 26, 2020

Purchased a rack and pinion for my 1970 mach one. Paid in full with my ctedit card 1750.00

After not receiving the rack for 5 weeks i called and cancelled the order

He agreed to refund my credit card. Long story short after many many attempts still have not received my refund. He and his company is like a ghost no business address. Finally left a message for him just send me the rack and pinion, still waiting. Once he has the money your screwed

  • Mar 11, 2017

Several Years ago I purchased a modern rack and pinion steering system for a 1965 classic Mustang. The purchase was made directly to Randall's Rack & Pinion Ltd. in British Columbia.

A few months ago I had to do some major work on the car and in doing so I damaged the rack and pinion unit. I called Randall's and he was willing to replace the unit for $600.00 exchange (very expensive). I completed the transaction. Two weeks later I received the replacement unit. I installed the unit and upon driving the car I found it to be defective. After several telephone calls to Randall he said return the unit and he would send another.

I returned the defective unit via FEDEX on January 24, 2017. After e-mails and telephone calls with him providing various excuses I still have not received the replacement unit after six weeks.

Randall does not do business directly in the U.S. He does sales over the telephone on credit cards. He has no physical address and no FAX number. The exchange is done via a broker Here in the U.S.: Summit Custom Brokers, 441 11th Ave, Oroville WA. 98844.

He does not warranty, guarantee and it appears once the sale is completed he washes his hands of the entire deal. He does a great deal of advertising, but nothing about any service or replacement of parts. In total, I am out several thousand dollars dealing with Randall.

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