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Ramirez Plastic Surgery

Country United States
State Florida
City Aventura
Address One Turnberry Place 19495 Biscayne Blvd., Ste. 200
Phone (954) 399-0056

Ramirez Plastic Surgery Reviews

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  • Jun 26, 2018

I had a plastic surgery from Dr Oscar Ramirez. 19495 Biscayne blvd suite 200 Aventura Florida .. I had a resorb Mezotheads under my chin. The thread make me unhappy and I want delete them.A lot of doctors offered me lower mini lift , but Ramirez convince me than mini lift it's a fraud surgery, me need only facelift He told me, facelift it's a very easy surgery and good prophylactic of the age. I believe him.

Ramirez demand to bring 10 000$ cash in consultation . He told me, usually he takes 35000$ for surgery. When I signed contract he showed me false medical insurance. Florida law: Every doctor must inform patient than about lack of insurance before patient signed contract. Ramirez showed me fraud document . Ramirez invited in my surgery unknown people from Turkey, Without my permission . They paid him money.

Ramirez explained my daughter , than they was a students. Ramirez has not teaching accreditation ACCME. I objected , but Ramirez scared me, I lose my money and died from treads .i was under Sedation pills and can only cried... I woke up before end of my surgery 30 min. One of the guy rubbing p***s in my hand. I cannot move, because Ramirez working in my face. Ramirez and his stuff giggling .I felt helpless and desperate .

I reported in police. Ramirez denies presents unknown people in my surgery and investigator closed my case. I want re open case again, because I know people,who confirm information about students of their surgery. If doctor decided invited students in private surgery, he must to get permission from patient and include names of students in medical record of patient. Ramirez makes fraud always....

The result of my surgery is a terrible. He delete all the fat in face.. I have asymmetrical face now.. When I ask Ramirez about it. He offered me made endoscopic lifting an bring 15000$ more. It's disgusting!! This doctor has a very bad reputation. He lost license in Maryland, because he killed two patients. He don t paid settlement of victims family 450 000$. He made a bankruptcy. He falsify -medical record of victim. He also lied Florida Department of health about his license from Maryland .This person very angry and sneaky.. Be careful !!

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