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Radix Skin Care, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Fountain Valley
Phone (888) 777-1989

Radix Skin Care, LLC. Reviews

  • May 4, 2017

I bought a "free" trial of Radix eye cream that was a suggested post on Facebook. All I had to pay was shipping, while going through checkout a face cream was added that I was unable to remove, but as it was only an extra couple of dollars for shipping I completed my trial. Once I recieved confirmation emails I searched them for terms of the trial to make sure it was not an auto ship, but the only information in the email was my order and how much I had paid for shipping. No links to terms and conditions or anything. 2 weeks later there were one $89 charge taken from my account. I called the customer service # and spoke to a nice woman who tried very hard, offering me up to a 75%discount on future deliveries. I declined and she cancelled both prouducts. I recieved 2 emails stating that "any ongoing or future charges had been cancelled." 2 days later another $89 charge was takem from my account, from the wording of the email I had figured that my account would not be charged anything further. The person I spoke with this call was awful. She laughed at me and spome over everuthing I said. When I asked to speak with a supervisor she laughed and said there wasn't one. When I pressed to speak with someone else she informed me i could call back and hold for a different operator but that was my only option. I continued to explain that everything had been cancelled days before and I should not have been charged and to ask for either a supervisor or a voicemail. I was continually laughed at and spoke over the whole conversation. Once off the phone I sent an email to the administrator explaining my problem and how the phone call was handled. The next day I recieved an email back stating that according to their records they had recently contacted me and had resolved my account. If I had any further problems to call the same number back that I had called the night before. No one had contacted me and my account was not resolved. I sent a reply email asking why I would call the same number back and that nothing had been resolved. I gave them my phone number and said I would be happy to get a call from a supervisor to speak about this. I have not recieved a reaponse. I later went online and found customer service reviews for this company. Everyone had strikingly similar experiences of not being aware that this was an auto renewal and being laughed at and told there were no supervisors or managers available when customer service was called.

  • Apr 13, 2017

I ordered Radix Eye Cream off of a Facebook ad. It came in. It didn't work. I didn't give it another thought until I got another jar of the eye cream. Evidently somewhere in the small print I was put on an auto shipment program. I do not remember this! Using the email address on the packing list I emailed them and asked them to remove me from the auto shipment program. I got a return email from them telling me that I had to call their consumer service number. I replied to them that I was not wasting my time calling a customer service number and that my email was all they needed. Got another email from them telling me that I had to call their customer service number so that they could know how to help me. I replied that they now how my request in writing three times to remove me from the auto shipment program. I have absolutely no intention of spending an hour on the phone with a salesman while they try and pressure me into buying more of this worthless product. They could take my order by email....they can cancel my order by email. This is just a scam. I can't believe that Facebook is allowing these people to scam their members. I am also turning this in to Facebook.

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