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Raceway Nissan

Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 6030 Sycamore Canyon Blvd
Phone 951-267-4169

Raceway Nissan Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2017

After viewing an on-line ad for a used 2017 nissan versa s for $8,998.00, called dealership to make sure that this particular auto was still available. It was available, so my daughter and i visited the dealership, spoke with salesperson freddy gonzales, who retreived the car for our test drive. Subsequent to the test drive, i asked if that was the total cost of the vehicle, as is, out the door with the exception of sales tax, licensing, registration, etc. He replied that there was an alarm system that was already installed at an additional cost of $685.00.

I decided to purchse the vehicle, we went in his office, provided driver's license, address and the fact i was retired and from that point on, it seemed like all progress stopped. I was paying cash so i thought the process would be fast and easy. We waited endlessly for this and that, the salesman was walking in and out of the office and for what i don't know.

I asked him what the hold up was and he stated, "well, we still have to run a credit check." i said "what for?" he mentioned something about my having enough income or means to pay cash for a vehicle! i told him that was none of his business. It wasn't like i was buying a $100,000 sports car or something.

Now i'm hot It was 110 degrees outside) and bothered. I just wanted to get out of there and i did not have a satisfactory explanation for all this waiting. It wasn't like the salesman was doing anything on our behalf, he just was not with us in his office. He did not sit and chat with us or explain anything about the vehicle or what was going on.

Finally, we were directed to another office, to sit with the finance manager. I don't recall his name but on the paperwork it looks like stan murga. To tell you the truth, by this time i was so tired and wanting to go home that i did not even pay attention. I don't know how long we were in there and what was said, all i know is that he shoved paperwork at me and i signed.

A couple of times i even had to stop mid-signature and concentrate on what i was doing. My daughter left after all the paperwork stuff and i sat there by myself waiting for the car!? The car was not ready. After being there all day, i still had to wait for the car. Many of the employees had gone home. It was summer, and doesn't get dark till 8:30 and it was dark when i left.

"emily" called me the next day, as a follow-up to the transaction and asked me if i had any questions, i told her "not yet", as i had not reviewed the paperwork yet. An hour or so later, i called her back and left a message. I called her later that afternoon and on into the evening several times and was even promised by "isabel" that she would return my call that day. No one called.

Everyday for a week i called 2 or 3 times a day, leaving messages. I sent two letters, dated august 31, 2017 and september 2, 2017. I even filed a complaint with the better business bureau. Today i went to the dealership in person because i was tired of playing these games and i wanted some answers now.

My daughter got there before me and when i entered the office they acted like this was the first time they knew of the complaint and were apologetic and soooo sorry for the inconvenience! they explained that every ad had an 'addendum' in small print somewhere on the ad about dealer extras. That's fine, i did not see that but nothing was mentioned to me about these "dealer extras" or after market additions by the salesperson or the finance manager during the sale.

The finance manager said, "well, i do apologize, it was a holiday weekend and..." i replied, "no, it wasn't, it was a wednesday." what difference does that make? Are they allowed to be deceptive and misleading on holiday weekends only? By this time i am livid! he has practically admitted that they did not disclose these additional costs for dealer added options and is using a holiday weekend as an excuse? Now i am filing a complaint with outscam.

I was not aware of these after market additions or accessories and did not agree to them. Now they claim i have to accept them because they were already installed on the car. Why advertise a sales price that does not include options or additions if the are already on the car? That is definitely deceptive. When showing a particular car, especially that is identified by the vin, the asking price should show that particular car's costs, all inclusive.

When advertising a car on tv, the price is always msrp, because any particular car that is selected of that model is adjusted for options and extras. A commercial does say in the corner or underneath the msrp: priced as shown $$ so you would know what you would be expected to pay if you wanted a car like the one in the commercial.

  • Sep 1, 2016

Raceway Nissan sends out advertisement every week. For the last few weeks the same low price vehicle has been advertised. I have tried to purchase that vehicle and have been told over and over that the vehicle was just sold. Bait and Switch tactics. This is not a reputable company, amazing that bait and swith tactics are still being used.

Read other reports, they have a reputation of doing similiar bait and switch scams. Yes the car is available, comein and let's discuss, then you get in and the vehicle has magically been sold. Over and over, please be aware!

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