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R+L Carriers

Country United States
State Ohio
City Wilmington
Address 600 Gillam Rd.
Phone 800-543-5589

R+L Carriers Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2015

I sold an antique chest to a lady Via Ebay The auction stated all shipping was the buyers responsability. The Buyer stated she would send a shipper to come and get it. R & L carriers showed up at my door to pick up the chest and delivered to the buyer, the buyer paid the shipping but now R & L Carriers have been sending me a bill for the shipping even though I never made any contact with them to pick up the chest and the bill was already paid by the buyer, I never had anything to do with R & L Carriers, it was all through the buyer. I called R & L Carriers and told them I never hired them and that the person who sent them to my home was responsable for the shipping and I was told they don't care and if I don't pay them they will ruin my credit by sending me to collections. I did not hire them and they have no contract with me, I never contacted them to pick up the piece and they admitted they have no order placed by me, but, if I don't pay them anyway they will ruin my credit out of spite. And this my friends is my rip off report for R&L Carriers

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