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R K Smith Realty LLC

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Janesville
Address 207 N Academy St
Phone 608-754-7594

R K Smith Realty LLC Reviews

  • Jul 11, 2017

First of all, I live across these two units managed by this company. I have lived in my own house (Across from their appartments) por the past 15 years and I have seen many management companies come and go without any incident. In the past a few tenants were kicked out for disorderly conduct or any minor incident. Since R K SMITH REALTY gain control of these two units back in 2015 many many incidents have took place ever since.

. Fights and loud music at midnight.

' Young black kids riding 20" bikes at midnight !!

. Location used as 'hub' for possible drugs distribution.

. Lack of of control of whos leaving and entering the building.

. No light poles.

People living there are just pathetic, they don't even bother to call the police to bring order.

Due I'm not a tenant there it's out of my control I just want to warn/advice to people to stay away or at least reconsider and search for better options out there.

This company doesn't make any filter of who's going to live in there. It seems RK Smith is only interested in renting to seccion eigh recipients. No quality people there, just shady non productive folks.

Defiinitely not a good place to live. If I was to start looking for a place to live I will run as fast as possible from there.

The worst management company around in my opinion. Since only seccion eight recipients are the tenants... well there is no surprise you wont find any negative reviews, common sense isn't?

I'm a real person posting, yesterday July 9th. Brewers beat NY yankees 5-3.

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