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PVA Blast

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta

PVA Blast Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2017

May 21st, I decided to sign up for PVA blast after a couple years of using them. I had another account before, but chose to create a new one since I now use a different email than before anyway. Usually I choose the express service when making a purchase, but this time I didn't.

Now, in the FAQ, PVA Blast makes this claim:

How long does delivery take once I have ordered from PVA Blast?

All orders will be delivered within 24-72 hours of confirmed payment during business days.. Most of the time much faster. Please note that PVA Blast may not deliver your order on weekends.

Can I receive my order faster?

Yes, please check out PVA Blast Express Deliver Options by Clicking here....

Given I had chosen not to use the express service, I tried contacting them 2 weeks after, then 3 weeks after my purchase.

I never once heard back from them. I was polite and respectful, giving them a chance to get back with me in case they were swamped.

Finally, yesterday (June 17th) I chose to cancel, and opened a dispute with Paypal. I wrote my reason out for cancelling, that I simply wanted to just cancel the whole thing and receive a refund. Apparently while I was spending my evening relaxing after another week's hard work, and not looking at my emails, that's when PVA Blast decided to reverse my cancellation. You read correctly. They took the initiative to change my decision on my behalf by completely getting rid of my cancellation action!

Around 10:30 here on June 18th, I went back and cancelled, then sent an email to [email protected] telling them I do not appreciate them reversing my cancellation. That I just want a refund and be done with it. For me, it isn't about the money, just that I find this move very under-handed given they never once got back with me until I contacted Paypal. 2 hours after I submitted my 2nd cancellation, the status updated for me via email, saying it was back to pending! Back. To. Pending. It didn't even update as reversed this time.

What I did this time is record myself via OBS while making the move to cancel. It shows me typing out the description of how and why I want to cancel. I just want to be done with their now bad business.

I want to state that yes, at one point I thought they were a good company. I also used express, so perhaps paying top dollar means you get VIP treatment. But "were" is the keyword here. No idea what happened to these guys. I'm not going to waste any more money finding out if that's the case.

At the moment I have escalated my Paypal dispute, and am waiting to hear back from either PVA Blast or Paypal stating that they once again can't be bothered to actively contact anyone.

  • Jan 9, 2016

PVA Blast. This company is a rip off. They offer Verizon phone numbers for sale. I placed an offer in March 2015, satisfied. November 2015, $150 never fulfilled, no answer, Paypal Payment. January 4th, 2016, $160, supposed to be filled in three days, no answer and Paypal is the collection agency and they are of no help.

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