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Puente House

Country United States
State California
City Covina
Address 444 West Badillo Street
Phone 1-800-494-9844

Puente House Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2019

Karl Moris is the founder and owner of Puente House and Puente House Foundation and Former President Of Sober Living Coalition and San Gabriel Valley Alano Club and Board Member Of Sister House Hope Manor and National Sober Living Association with Judith Roberts who is also a Board Member of Puente House Foundation.

The Puente House Foundation is suspended by the California Secretary of State and barred from doing or trsnsacting business and has been since Nov, 1 2018. Under his guidance has had the San Gabriel Vally Alano Club along with As President of the Sober Living Coalition both losing their non profit status The 444 house has a conditional use permit for 20 beds, Karl Moris packs in 28 beds to maximize profit over recovery.

Karl Moris uses the non profits to sell sober living insurance to other sober livings yet has not had a insurance license in California since 1995 Karl Moris has had sexual relationships with his female mangers and clients which he covered up when reported to the Sober Living Coalition.

Karl Moris is in bed literally with Judith Roberts as Hope Manor and National Sober Living Association President.

Judith uses the same model Karl taught her how to use the foundation non profit along with a sole proprietors to live and travel high on the hog. Karl Moris advertises his properties as treatment centers when in fact the are in licensed sober homes he advertises that he is a member of CCAPP and they are not.

Karl Moris advertises his properties are staffed by qualified managers, yet he pays managers $400,00 a month and assistant managers $200.00 a month while many are collecting GR and Food Stamps. This properties and mangers are trained and certified by NSLA (Judith Roberts) and yes Jsrl is Board Member.

In short this has nothing to do with recovery or doing good for the community and everything to do with Karl profiting by using a nonprofit to hide behind while being able to prey upon the sick and desperate especially the woman I. His properties. It must be said Karl’s Mother Arlene Moris ( google her) is a pioneer in empowering woman and this is his gift to her truly sad.

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