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Pua Mana Ohana seedbank

Country Australia
State Queensland

Pua Mana Ohana seedbank Reviews

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  • Feb 22, 2019

I was ripped off too

They took my money for a preorder and kept me waiting for a year. Dont be deceived by these "Positive" reviews...they are clearly written by the owner.

Lots of bad feedback on the forums

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  • Mar 5, 2018

Ordered $100 worth of seeds from this person Have since read that they could be a journalism student who once studied in hawaii). I was still waiting over a month later. When i complained they promised to send more, as well as sending fake tracking forms from us post. The first one they sent was an upside down screen shot with someone else's address on it!

Don't be deceived by the website. It's a fraud.

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  • Jun 20, 2019

Satisfied customer

The way I found out about pua mana ohana seedbank is actually pretty funny. I used to frequent the online forums and saw a thread about hawaiian bud that caught my attention.

One of the well known members was disrespecting pua mana and their hawaiian genetics. He recommended another seedbank in hawaii called greyskull seeds. I went and checked out both companies to see what was the deal.

Greyskull seeds had all hybrids and new stuff with no hawaiian. They might as well have been a california seed bank with their stale selection of generic genetics. Fire pie x wedding cake? I'll pass on that joint.

Pua mana had all the old hawaiian flavors like maui wowee and kona gold. I read through their articles about hawaiian history and decided to buy kona gold, maui wowie, caramel kona coffee kush and maui mango diesel.

I grew them all out and was totally impressed!

When I went back on the forums to share my experience with my forum friends, I was attacked by the same hustlers who were trying to discourage people from doing business with pua mana. I told them I didn't have a horse in the race, I just bought seeds and they turned out as described.

Kona gold and maui wowie were both big hawaiian sativas. Real sweet and stinky. Kona was like honey and lemon. Maui was like tropical citrus. Very unique terpene profile.

Maui mango diesel tasted like diesel and mangoes. Caramel kona coffee kush tastes like caramel and kona coffee. Amazing!

Rather than accept my review, the forum master purged my account from the records, deleting every post I ever wrote! Two years of forum writing and bud pics erased!

I am now grateful I no longer waste time on the forums and I am grateful to pua mana for putting out such good medicine, despite all the hate from competitors online trolling the forums.

Keep up the good work.

Aloha pua mana ohana!

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