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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 12311 Chandler Blvd Apt 10
Phone (818) 974-8855
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  • Dec 8, 2016

We hired tomer erster owner of for our pbx voip phone system at our office in van nuys. Tomer sounded like he knew his stuff very well and promissed the world.

We were very excited. However when went it went to execution, it was a nightmare.

First: the price quoted was only an "esitamte" according to tomer erster. So it ended up being 5 times as much.

Second: the execution time took forever - slow and unprofessional. It was not even completed as promissed. Too many issues with setup, complicated things for no reason.

Third: we paid by check. So when we cancelled and decided to ask for our money back. No refund. No surprise.

Fourth: important one man show business, running out of his apartment. Pretending to be a real internet telephony company. Not true. Don't be fooled. Seems like all phone calls are answered on the 101 fwy.

Fifth: he won't even show up to meetings and wanted to configure everything from his apartment using teamviewer. Session kept disconnecting. Blamed everything on our staff who are not technical and defeats the purspose of why we hired his "company" in the first place.

Long story short we eneded up bitting the bullet, taking the losss and going with a real professional phone company.

Saving two cents on phone call is not worth dealing with tomer from and his fake company.

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