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Country United States
State Utah

ProudParents2005 Reviews

  • Aug 26, 2019

I purchase this item on eBay to support our cell phone DC charging and used the Solar panel we purchased at eBay to recharge it. When we plugged an AC power fan (approx. 40VA) into the AC outlet power by the units inverter, we did not have an AC source. So when we returned home I checked the charge level of the unit and it indicated an 99% DC charge.

When I plugged the AC fan into the unit's AC outlet we still did not have a AC source. I tested the AC outlet with my FLUKE 105B oscilloscope, and found the unit's AC outlet was not powered. This is typical of a failed inverter as all of the DC side worked fine. I have been a Senior Electrical Engineer (Power and Technology) four 38 years so I am able to determine equipment functional failure.

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