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Prosper Funding LLC.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 221 Main Street, Suite 300
Phone 1-877-646-5922

Prosper Funding LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 29, 2016

I have to admit I, too, have apparently been scammed by PMG, now Prosper, aka aka aka! I responded to an email from ESI concerning Robert Allen, who had been a guest on Oprah, and was taking on a challenge to select 100 individuals to make them millionaires - right! I decided to research it some, so responded to see what I'd receive. I later received a telephone call from PMG, had a short interview, and was referred to the Sr. Director who would "interview" me for this. We talked at least 1-2 hours, he guaranteed me that if I did my part, which I have, and did not make that money back in a year, I would receive double that in a refund. "Ironclad", Guaranteed, 60-90 days. I discussed it with my husband, and we decided to go for it. It sounded like a 'no lose' situation. We are not made of money. I am looking for a true home business opportunity to be successful at home. We invested $7330 into this. Needless to say, no-one ever told me I would be building my website, not them. To date, I have invested 10-12K into this 'so-called' website business, and still do not have a functional website. I work full-time, and explained in my "interview" that I only have 1-2 hours evenings during the week, and the week-end, and even asked about availability of those I would be working with, mentor, etc. He told me they "would be flexible". Of course, I found out that no-one is available on the week-ends (tech support, mentors, or resource center), when I spend most of my time on this. I also went back and forth with my mentor over some period of time. He wouldn't call the evening or time we had agreed on, etc. My stress level has gone over the top, worrying about all this money we've spent that we don't have, the time I've put into trying to build a website-on my own, and for what? I've lost an inumerable amount of sleep, have to take pills to help me sleep, I've now contracted hives from the stress, which amazingly began after this experience. I've had to call into work because I hadn't gotten any sleep, been sick, etc., because my immune system is now nil. And, of course, no one bothered to tell me what other expenses would be incurred. I was led to believe that the $7330 investment was it, including $250 of the $7330 for the tax company they work with (who would do our business and personal taxes). Then I learned that I had to pay additional $500-$1500 to them, then another $500+ for "setting up"(right! They, too, used templates that I could have used, and e-filed my corporate forms online for .99, which I could have done for a minimal amount). Then I learned about all of the other expenses in getting a website going: of course, a decent computer, a monthly fee for PMG's so-called web-building site $39.95, pay-per-click fees, domain name fees, etc., etc. I still pursued, and purchased a computer desk, a laptop computer and broadband, an additional $2500-3000 investment. I found in addition to setting up my own website, I had to find the suppliers, etc., of which I had no experience. I had been told in my "interview" that they would bring me through this process "step-by-step". Right! A 15-20 minute phone call 1x/week if we were lucky - that was it! And their so-called lessons online can be found by anyone on the internet, but we paid PMG this outrageous amount of money so we could build our own website! And do all of this for what we could have for a phenomenal amount less - many of these sites are free. Six months later I've had it. I emailed my mentor, copying the Sr. Director, six (6) days ago, and just got a response today (which is normal). All he had to say was, "I forwarded your request to the student center, and see what they can do to help you on your website. Then we can schedule a telcon." You would think a company on the "up and up" would have had a little more to say after I ripped them with my disgust and frustration. Not even an apology, or effort to see what they can do to make it up to me, nothing. If that doesn't tell it, I don't know what does. I will, at the least, get my $7330 back, and continue to pursue my home business. I am not going to let blood suckers like PMG deter my hopes of this. But, it will be ALOT tougher for the next 'company' to get me into their grips. They'll have a long way to go to convince me I'm not going to get scammed. Thanks, PMG - Prosper - whatever your name will be next. You'll get yours. Julie Florissant, Colorado

  • Nov 2, 2015

I tried to sign up with Prosper to get a loan i could not get in.

so called them up Now they said they do not check your credit or check your collections which they do

But anyway i gave them my info but not my Social Security Number Then suddenly they said to me

i was denied they will explain it to me in the Email.

i read my email said my credit scrore too low bull i checked all my credit score with all all credit Bureaus it was above if PROPER check my credit score and bring it down i will sue them.

Proper does not stand behind what they say they have a good rating with the Bbb well why they have so much complants againist them. if Proper did not want me credit they shall no. But they are Liars.

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