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report scam, Inc.

Country United States
State Maryland
City Frederick
Address 5257 Buckeystown Pike Suite 475
Phone 240-751-9123
Website, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2018

These people CLAIM to be selling items as police auctions. This is a lie designed to make you feel comfortable in making purchases from the company.

I had an account and I bought over $8,000 in auction coins and paid for them with my credit card. funny. I woke up one morning and my account was gone!! No login, no accoint recognized with my email address (but I was able to open a new one with the SAME info). All they had done was close my account and to steal all the money I had paid.

This is going to a credit card dispute. I will show that they are a fraud and they stole my money.

BEWARE. These people have no phone number, no physical address and no person responsible. They simply steal your funds and ignore you.

  • Mar 7, 2017

This is a description of just one of the numerous bad experiences I've had with this company, and i KNOW I'm not alone. Please read this in it's entirety before attempting to bid or purchase an item of ANY value on their site, hopefully the time I've taken to write this will save others time and aggrivation, going nowhere with their "customer service" department. So, i have been buying on PR for a few years now and have spent well over $16,000 purchasing 6 full size trucks as well as random smaller things from them. I don't think the site is a scam, but they DO commit illegal acts of extortion and theft which are represented as their Terms Of Service. Basically, you place a bid like any other auction, many vehicles have a reserve and like any other auction site, if you don't meet the reserve you don't necessarily win thei item for your purchase.

However, at their discretion, they MAY accept your winning bid and offer the vehicle to you for that amount.

Now this site has been around since 2005 and I believe i found it around 2012 or so, so for atleast 7 years, they have been selling vehicles to the best of my knowledge. Now, a few times I won a particular vehicle but put a low credit limit card on the account because the way they work is if you win, or your bid is ultimately accepted in a "reserve not met" situation, they will AUTOMATICALLY charge your card, so if you attach a $500 CC to the account let's say, and your bid is $501, the payment will NOT automatically go through, and they will list a "payment issue" on your account which if not resolved will release you from purchasing the vehicle and MAY BAR YOU FROM THE SITE AFTER ONLY ONE OCCURANCE! I have seen MANY vehicles end with the reserve not met, with a high bid I'm SURE would have been accepted as per my own experiences, sale prices of past comparable vehicles, etc., so I'm SURE they don't block EVERY person who bids and doesn't ultimately buy the vehicle, otherwise they wouldn't have very many customers.

Many times I had to fight with their customer service dept to be able to bid again and had to continually remind them of the thousands, and thousands I've spent on purchases on their site. Now, this wasn't always the case, only after a few instances early on to me using the site, did they impart a pop-up window with check boxes prior to placing a bid. I won MANY items before this was initiated and feel VERY strongly this was a direct result of my interactions with them, to try and prevent similar occurances from happening again. Now, regardless of whether you win or your bid is accepted for $100 or 10,000, they plainly state in their terms of service that if the item is not picked up within 10 days, that the vehicle is forfeited, and they KEEP YOUR MONEY! Call me crazy, but taking money from someone and then giving them nothing in return is, what, STEALING, RIGHT?? I recently tried to leave a review on BBB, but they say you can't leave a review for a company if you also file a complaint against them. Huh? How does that make ANY sense? Also a business PAYS the BBB for their rating, so hwo is that even remotely fair either?

BBB aside, as we're not reviewing them now, only using them as a reference and stating what is already publicly viewable on their site, PropertyRoom has has 37 complaints in just the last 3 years alone on BBB's website, 13 of which were from 2016 alone! There are many other review sites on the internet, (and I plan to try and visit them all, heh), that have WAY more bad revies than that, moreso for things like severly inflated shipping, ridiculous return stories, refund refusals, things like that, but my main concern is that I have gotten to the point where the same two women in control of their customer service department have apparently become "fed up" with dealing me, and have now blocked me from the site.

I can open a new account easily and continue bidding and buying, but I want my account unlocked as it is, I have bought 6 full-size trucks from them, apple products, power hand tools, art, jewelery, etc. and have spent well over $16,000 on their site, and to be treated this way only to have them skate responsibility and continue to rip people off with impugnity is an abomination, there MUST be provisions in place to protect consumers from this type of treatment, if only in response to them attempting to steal well over $600 from me, only to get a portion of it back almost a year later. Something needs to be done about this site, but for the time being, I want everyone that cares to know just how unscrupulous this company is and how nothing is being done about it.

  • Sep 17, 2015

I purchased an Apple Desktop Computer from the website and thought I was purchasing it from what they advertise from a legal division such as a sheriff's department or post office. Well when I received it and tried to get it to update I had to call Apple several times only to be told the computer I purchased was outdated and that no matter what I did the updates that I was doing was never going to make the computer function. I called the number on my charge and it was to some company located in another state whose owner became vulgar and rude. I told him I wanted a refund and I was sending the computer back, I wrote down the address he wanted it sent to and how ironic it got lost in the transit to his office from the final post office for delivery. So the video is total bull and buyer beware the site is just a site for predators to find their next victim instead of operating out of a store he operates out of a warehouse in California. So I hope the person he gave the computer to is enjoying it, because I did prove to Master Card this site was fraud. So do not buy from this site use Ebay or Amazon at least there someone has to rate the service here they just take your money and run.

  • Aug 29, 2015

Stay away from these scammers! I bought a ring listed as 14k white gold and it is stamped as 10k worth 3,400.00 and its not worth what they claim. Also bought a necklace that was advertised as 14l solid gold and its GOLD FILLED! Why are these people still allowed to operate with any repercussions? They should be made to held accountable for their continued false advertising and fraudulent practices even if they are "law enforcement" which is questionable.

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