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Property Investors

Country Australia
State New South Wales
City Castle Hill
Address P.O Box 745
Phone 1-300-884-203

Property Investors Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2016

I received a call saying that a property investors specialist is in the area and is offering a free appointment. we met Timothy Ash from property investors, who seemed like a genuine and real person at first, Tim Ash showed us pictures of a brand new apartment in Melbourne, Victoria and told me we could afford it. I didn't think so but after the tax back, he said it was a good deal, and that if the actual amount don't add up, we could get out it. We then tried to get out off buying it, he said that he couldn't get a better deal for us, and that he was an expert (who we can trust) and asked if I really wanted to pay more tax. Ended up buying the property. Nine months later (now), the Apartment costs us a lot more than it

Ended up buying the property. It was finished, and then nine months later (now), the apartment costs us a lot more than it brings in (rent has been reduce twice - still no body wants it), and we have no money for Christmas and my marriage isn't working as we fight all the time over money.

The loan person Tim Ash recommend James also made mistakes. My accountant tells me that because of the way they borrowed the funds, and the purchase of my new home (we moved house in the middle of this), I cannot claim the loan interest as tax deduction as essentially my home has all of the loan on it, not the apartment!

I cannot believe how s**t Property Investors & Tim Ash is. ovcourse I should have done better research first, but please trust me!

Please do not meet Tim Ash from Property Investors. You will be ruined!!!!

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