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  • Sep 23, 2015


mexico, nuevo leon

lycos capital investment, i saw ther in google their website mortageloan.wix/loan


and then continued the conversation on email : [email protected]

and they requested the owner of the email. i need to make excutive summary. then when i finish, i sent it there via email. then they send the application form that i must print and fill it up and scan ans send it them again. after they response and says about the response to the email that i needed to pay $550.00 five hundred fifty united states dollars. so i paid of the $550.00 by there by send it on moneygram company, reciever named by mr.

muliawati hanum binti muhhamed, from country malaysia and i have evidence receipts from moneygram and then they also from malaysia scan goverment receipt of $550.00 send it on by via email. then another said that i need to communicate with their bank cim bank company, after 2 days. cim bank personnel by via on email the conversation. as required my 2 official identification for verification and then after 4 days including saturday and sunday. again it was response from cim bank from cim bank his name is dan kong, he is fund manager, with this number 0060162953598, with also this email [email protected] ; then with the website

said that my loan $40,000.00 u.s dollars. it was approved. then, he was send it the cim bank loan application form and the details from about according to fill up about my personnal information and i want to choose that if i agree by on which bank to bank or on electronic money transfers, so i choose a bank to bank but according mr. dan kong that before they send my loan amount , to my bank banamex account account here in mexico, that is according from mr. dan kong, fund manager of cimbank that according him that he is.. fund manager telegraphic deparment that would have said that they have rules to follow the rules of the cim bank company, malaysia that it will needed that to pay 2,500.00 two thousand five hundred u.s dollars for the anti money laundrey certificate payment then if it is able to confirm that my fee and then by 24 hours that they transfer to my bank account here in mexico from cim bank malaysia. and i paid again by through send it to moneygram and reciever named mr. muliawati hanum binti muhhamed, from country malaysia. so after 5 hours, he was send it me by via email the anti laundry money certificate and the details of the certificate has indicated that's about my loan $40.000.00 forty thousand u.s dollars amount only with my name and my address to my home. then after 24 hours, i have recieved by email that says that according the manager of the capital of banamex bank, banco nacional de mexico has rejected my transfer from cim bank malaysia due that have requested that i need to pay anti terrorist certificate tha worth of $1,500.00 one thousand u.s dollars from cim bank for as a permission that i am not among the group people sposoring terrorism in mexico by bringing in funds in the country. therefore they requested a payment again for the secure the anti terrorist certificate from cim bank malaysia to enable that banamex bank in mexico that allow the transfer of my loan fund. in order not to cancel my loan requested. but according to the banamex bank here in mexico, in my city branch that had no proof with transfer accuring by recording system. so i would do i ask more, to ask help from secret agent here in nuevo leon mexico for investigate of my problem then and they told that i was victim of scam of 1 on genius frauders people. i nedd to stop to conversation to them but my problem the people from lycos capital in investmen and cim bank that is mr. dan kong, to force me to finish my trasaction transfer and i need to follow the rules of the cim bank of malaysia that until now. i said them over and over again that i had no money but i did not say them that i know that they are defrauder.

thank you so much

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