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Project Fi

Country United States
State Alabama

Project Fi Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2018

I called to sign up to a group account. They advised me to split my account into two separate accounts so that I could take advantage of their sign-on credits. I told them that I wanted to make sure that I wanted to join my account with my wife's due to the monthly fee that is lower when we are in a group plan. They told me in 3-4 months it would be easy to combine. They failed to tell me that when I close my wife's Google Fi account that we would have to fully pay off her phone. That would be over $500.

We are in a monthly phone fee. By not combining the accounts we are losing $25 per month. It would take 20 months to pay off the phone. That means I'm losing $500!! They admitted fault but didn't want to give me a credit of $500. UNBELIEVABLE. They offered no credit until I pushed harder and they gave me a measly $20 "for my inconvenience." This is literally a systemic policy that benefits a multi-billion dollar international company and not the little guy. UNBELIEVABLE. They should have AT LEAST given me a large % of my financial cost FOR THEIR MISTAKE.

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