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Project Curve Appeal

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus

Project Curve Appeal Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2016

I am PCA Columbus Chapter member. I have had a major issue with how this chapter is not only ran but how the PCA National Director & other FOCA's act towards other members. I had a family issues back in February of 2016 I notified Shanta Patrick of my issues and the fact that i would need to take a break, She respond to my inbox via Facebook stating I could remain a member until Things cleared with my situation. I still remained in the facebook group but withdrew from events due to I am not the type to not pay my way. I contacted Shanta in March to try and pay my past due balance and catch up with my dues. No response was given. I was tagged in a post on the Private Facebook Page in August to take a survey by Shanta on how or why those not active felt and how the group could make things better. I took the survey and posted how I as a adult felt and stated that I felt the group did not represent sisterhood and how member's were not supportive of others and I stated That these were my feelings. I was Attacked through a post by Tameka Ingram A FOCA I honestly feel that This is very un classy as leaders and a face for Plus Size woman everywhere. A meeting was held on Saturday and Temeaka came in a jogging pants and du-rag stating she was coming to fight me . I one find this very wrong and rude and highly unprofessional. As a plus size woman Myself I am applaud on the actions of PCA as a whole .

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