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Project Cat, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Accord
Address 571 County Route 2
Phone 845-687-4983

Project Cat, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 28, 2017

Project cat has a shelter for about 6 cats. That is the 501 c. But what is really going on is Gail Mihacko loves birds and has a mission to kill all outside cats. This includes peoples pets that go out side. By her own valition she has killed over a thousand cats. She has killed cats that have been spayed and neutered and part of a colony that has a shelter and the cats get food and water dailey. But if she traps someones pet that was outside she kills or euthanizes them. A core group of animal lovers have collected records and information on this person. She will take feral cats that are inn a colony and say that she will get them socialized and find them homes When people find out their cats,even feral were all killed and they were lied too. People are heart broken. We are getting the word out so people know the truth and don't take cats there or say where their colony. One town that found out she was in the area had her leave the area. The town was having TNR done which also includes shelter and daily food/water by a care taker. This is all volunteer work to reduce the number of kittens and stablize the population of cats. They can then live a good life outdoor. One of my ferals is 11 years old. Gail Mihacko admits to killing cats but she doesnt put that in her grant applications. Her shelter is actually a front for her to do her real passion...killing cats..She needs to be stopped and an investigation is presently going on. If you have first hand evidence please speak up. And spread the word for people not to take a cat to Project cat. They do have a few to adopt. They have to keep the shelter front to get grant money. There may be Fraud associated with this Woman. At the very least she has lied to many people and broken many hearts for those whose outdoor cats were trapped and killed. Its illegal to euthanise a healthy animal. She needs to be held accountable and charged. This is a scary and in my opinion disallusioned person.

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