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Progressive Relocation Systems

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami Gardens
Address 20919 NW 2nd Ave
Phone 1 855-984-1462

Progressive Relocation Systems Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2019

Try to call the moving company I sent them emails in emails and emails in emails no response they are giving us the runaround

  • May 12, 2019

My husband, daughter and I moved from Savannah to Billings. Progressive told us it would be $9999 for the entire move. We told them everything we had, item by item. We gave them an exact square footage of our home + garages. And on moving day, the moving company arrived and assured us that they could fit all of our stuff on the truck. The leader, Junior did a walk through and kept telling my Husband and I that everything looked good, that he’d take good care of us and everything would be loaded that day without extra charges.

We gave him and his 5 man crew $1200 tip so they’d give our stuff a bit of extra TLC while packing us up. We bought them lunch and took care of them all day.

After 11pm at night, after we were in bed at a hotel they call my husband to go sign paperwork. They also told him that they were about $3000 over at that point and it would be an additional $5-$6000 more to finish loading the truck. My husband flew over there to sign paperwork and ask them to stop loading.

It was dark out because they met him at our garages, which are on the property where our apartment was located. So in the dark, that late at night, they made my husband choose the lesser of the 2 insurance options and they confirm the new price. Well with so much of our stuff already loaded, there was not much we could do.

So they were told to not load anymore until we could talk to their supervisor at their office. Of course they’re not open on Sunday’s so we had to sit at a hotel for an entire day worried and stressed because we were supposed to start driving to Billings on Monday. My husband had to report to his new job position.

After a lot of back and forth, they refused to even apologize for lowballing the estimate and then hijaking our stuff. They blamed us for everything and took 0 responsibility for the position they left us in.

After a few days we had to rent our own truck, load it ourselves and drive it to Billings. In the meantime they made my husbands company jump through hoops to pay them, because they ended up not accepting credit cards. They accepted our $3000 deposit over the phone by credit card. But now suddenly they would only accept a wire transfer.Regardless, we just wanted to get our belongings on the road so they were paid the original $9999 plus an additional $3000+.

It’s a week later at this point and we’re still in Savannah having to explain to my husband new boss why we’re not there yet. He could have lost his job and definitely lost face because he wouldn’t report to work and leave me to deal with the movers alone. Not after everything they had put us through and all the horror reviews we found on line after the fact.

Again, Progressive was paid in full. Not only that they were paid $3000+ over what they told us it would be. We ended up having to pay $1800+ for a truck rental and $400 for a hitch. All so we could finish the move ourselves. This doesn’t include the many days of hotel accommodations we had to pay because we were delayed in Savannah for so long because of them.

After we finally arrived in Billings we were told several times that our stuff was on the way. They would be here on Tuesday. Never showed up. They would be here on Wednesday. Never showed up. They would be here on Thursday. And the driver himself contacts my Husband and tells him that he only got our stuff 4 days prior. That’s why he wasn’t there yet.

That’s when we found out that they had put our stuff in a storage warehouse and also put our stuff on the truck with someone else’s stuff, even though we paid more to have our stuff moved directly to Billings without a “piggy back service.” They had lied to us the entire time, saying our belongings were on the road when in fact they weren’t even on a truck.

When the driver arrived, he told us that we had been charged way over the cubic feet they charged us for! He let us take pictures of the truck and everything inside. He encouraged us to take pics of the partially packed boxes. The driver calculated that we had been charged $5000 over! We were also informed that only part of our stuff was on the truck and the rest would come separately on Monday...another 3 days later!

Also, over half of our stuff was broken and damaged! An entire antique dining room table, broken and unusable! The only thing I have left from my parents who have both died, was damaged beyond repair! Things with sentimental value, broken or damaged. The moving company in Savannah just dumped our stuff into boxes without wrapping hardly anything!

My 7 year old daughter still has no bed because it didn’t arrive! Our family has no table to eat on or couch to sit on! It’s been 17 days at this point since this nightmare began. 14 of those days that we lived in an empty home.

Today we had to call them once again, because the rest of our stuff still hasn’t arrived. They said it would be here today but it wasn’t. And we were told by Eva Jackson, who has done nothing but be rude to us and lie to us, that they can’t find a truck to bring the rest of our stuff. There’s nothing they can do, she says and we are free to seek legal help if we want to.

The complete lack of integrity is astounding! This company also does not have a DOT #, it’s been involuntarily revoked. And the reviews are horrible. I wish we had looked before giving them a penny. But we were told that we were being transferred to Billings and only had 3 weeks to make the move. Everything was sudden and rushed.

Progressive quoted us a price that we could do under the circumstances so we went with them in good faith. They knew what they were doing from the beginning and preyed upon an unsuspecting family. We’ve lost all our meager savings on this move because of all the extra expenses.

They are completely unapologetic, unresponsive and could care less about how badly this and the other reviews reflect upon them. I will now have to hire an attorney and am in the process of filing complaints all over the place in hopes that this company will be held accountable! (PS-we were also told that Progressive is the moving company but they are not. They are BROKERS!)

  • Apr 15, 2019


These clowns moved us from the SE to New England. Our stuff went into storage, which we need to extend because of a delay in getting into our house. We cal;led to schedule the delivery and had to leave a message. Nobody answered, which is like that most of the time.

We then get a message saying " the truck is loaded, we'll be there in a couple of days!" A whole week earlier than we can move in. Absolutely not a care in the world to them. The trucks loaded, it's coming. Or they can dump it back in the warehouse and we can go to court to get it released.

So now it's coming a week early. Getting put into someone's garage. No set up, no unpacking no bed assembly and no reduced price. Also either cash or postal check (same as cash) or they won't unload. Now I have to pay somebody else to load it and move it and unload it.

Any conversation with them turns into a circle jerk. Dave can make up lies faster than anybody I've dealt with. Before the conversation is over, he contradicts his original lies with new ones. Almost comical. He claims to have a recording of all phone calls and has clear evidence that we requested the wrong date. But he can't let you hear it for any one of several ridiculous reasons.

Worst decision ever, choosing Progressive Relocation. Run, don;t walk, to somebody, anybody else.

  • Jan 30, 2019

NEVER EVER hire this company!!! Do not become a fool I was to believe their lies and to give them deposit!!!

I lost $433!!!

They call you with intentionally low estimate.

They take your deposit right away, and you are used goods for them after that. They never contacted me back, I always had to initiate contact after deposit was made. I waited 17 days for their "convenient" day for the move. Just before the move they doubled the price. They kept rescheduling the move day, and then they just did not show up on the scheduled day. I waited from 10 am to 9 pm at my storage facility, I placed few dozens of calls to the company and the movers - no response, so I had to do the move myself, hiring u-haul truck and labor. And after all that they refused to return my deposit.

UNHEARD of that the company in US takes deposit, does not do the job, and then refuses to refund deposit.

I had to file complaint with the Florida Attorney General Office. I wish there would be a class action lawsuit against those scammers, because they created a lot of victims already, and unfortunately there will be more.

So READ this and don't make the same mistake!!! Stay AWAY from this company!!!

They are LIARS and SCAMMERS. If I could rate them below zero, I would.

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