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Progressive Legal Group

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 7208 Germantown Ave #204
Phone 855-448-0022

Progressive Legal Group Reviews

  • May 4, 2016

Was having problems with U.S. Bank in requesting a loan modification. Somehow they kept losing my paper work and weekly had to send more paperwork. I tried to secure local assistance but since my home that I was requiring assistance with was out of state no one local could assist. I was recommended to look online where I found Progressive Legal Group. I spoke with a Mr Richard Marino of Progressive Legal Group, and explained my situation. I had a home I wasn't living in due to being relocated to Alabama. I currently was being relocated again out of country and had been requesting assistance in completing a loan modification. He assured me that his practice worked on several similar cases and were able to Fight for my rights to a modification. In my dealing with them I was also relocating out of country, I maintained contact with them over email and emailed the required forms. However after they had collected all their money from my banking account they failed to answer emails or phone calls. They were quick to email me when a payment failure but I have yet to receive any type of updates on the house. Needless to say the bank never heard from said "Progressive Legal Group" I am out $4000.00 that I didn't have and still owe on a house I no longer have. They promise to be your voice and even brought up the fact that I should be protected by the SCRA but didn't do a dang thing for me. I was failed by this company!!! Please no matter how desperate of a situation in which you might find yourself do not entrust these soulless carcasses of a being with your home. I hate what they did to me and feel terrible knowing that they were once someone's child. I strongly believe in Karma and the Lord Jesus Christ and this business will get its due diligence.

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