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Progressive City Home Rentals

Country United States
State California
City Baldwin Park
Address 14135 Francisquito Ave Ste 215
Phone (626) 960-5110

Progressive City Home Rentals Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2016

Progressive city home rentals is a scamming service. They charge you $200 help you find housing. They promise a refund if no housing is found in 90 days. They put all of this in a CONTACT. That they have not and will not obey.

1. They claim that $50 is for application fees. But they never fill out any applications or credit checks on your behalf.

2. They claim they have a direct relationship with the property managers/ landlords they are SELLING to you. When they are ACTUALLY JUST SELLING YOU the property information that they have gotten them selves from FREE HOUSING ADS ON CRAIGSLIST, AND OTHER CLASSIFIED LISTINGS.

3. The properties manager/landlord WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE any type of business relationship with Progressive City Home Rentals. Many of the properties they provide are already rented.

4. After your 90 days are up and you find no housing, and you request your refund of $150 because they KEEP $50 of your $200 for APPLICATION FEES. They will ACT LIKE IT'S NO PROBLEM and have you come in and fill out the proper refund paperwork. Tell you to wait for a response in two weeks. I still haven't received a response and it's been 4 MONTHS. They will ignore your calls, leave you on hold for as long as you stay on hold. I was on hold for about 2 hours.

5. You can ask to speak to THE MAIN PERSON IN CHARGE....but THEY are never available and a name will never be giving.

6. They ONLY ACCEPT you can't cancel their payment.

7. On the BBB ( Better Business Bureau) they have 100s of reports just like mines. They have a F GRADE on there.

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