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Progressive Business Publications

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Malvern
Address 370 Technology Dr
Phone 1-800-220-5000

Progressive Business Publications Reviews

  • Nov 15, 2016

This company is saying we ordered their publication, which isn't true and now is billing my company for $295.00 for product we never ordered nor wanted. I called them and asked to provide proof we ordered from them but they could not only could provide an employee's name, which I know never ordered from them. We have even been threatened with ruined credit and collections. NOONE should ever answer ANY of their questions, should they call and inquire about information. They are a total SCAM!

  • Oct 16, 2015

Received a call one afternoon from a PBP representative who mentioned a free environmental safety newsletter that could be useful to our business. I disagreed because we are not an environmental firm at all. He mentioned a free 30 day trial subscription which I did not agree too but instead he asked for my birthdate which was just as good as a signature apparently. I never received the newsletter and cwas not able to mark "cancel" on it to send it back to them. Instead, I get a call from a collection agency saying our company owes $299 or it would be turned over to collections. I absolutely refused to pay that amount and told her I'm not pay $299. A few days later, she called back and made a deal with me for $130 which I paid from my own account because I felt it was my stupidity that allowed this to happen even though I never received any newsletter. My advice to anyone who may happen to answer the phone in their office: Simply hang up and do not give any information. Say im not interested and hang up. If you read the reviews about this company you'll see that most replies are basically the same not to mention the reviews from former employess aren't exactly pleasant which speaks volumes. Anyway, i've filed numerous complaints in an effort to put these criminals out of business so they may have to actually work for their paychecks instead of stealing it from good people. Chances are they will reply to this comment with bs to make it appear as though they did nothing wrong but it's totally wrong. They claim to have many happy customers but I seriously doubt it and the website is crap with smiling faces....gimmie a break. What I really want to say I cannot but if they ever call me again I won't hold back. STAY AWAY FROM PBP!!!!!!!

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