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Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 4840 Eastgate Mall
Phone 1.800.580.2913

ProFlowers Reviews

  • May 12, 2018

My sister and brother ordered my mom a boquet of tulips for mothers day..they are all premature tiny and closed and the leaves are wilted was in a box and the vase was separate (pink plastic nothing special) was not delivered fresh in a vase. Stick to local florists. I mean at least the flowers could have been in bloom if theyre gonna be they are not even in bloom and wilted limp. I had better service from 1800flowers.

  • Feb 15, 2017

I order flowers for my wife for Valentine's Day even gave them flexible on days 13th or 14th to be delivered and when they never showed up in called and they gave me the runaround that the order never processed but the could do it now and flowers would take a couple days to get to her. Getting them by V Day was the point. I even got the confirmation email saying the order was placed. Never again and others should beware of this companis business practices.

  • Feb 1, 2016

I was encouraged to try Pro Flowers this year for some Valentine's flowers as a banner on my home page had some great prices. So I ordered 100 Blooms of Valentine's Wishes for the $19.99 with free ginger jar vase, All the Frills for $19.99 with free ginger jar vase, and 2 doz red roses for $29.99 with free ginger jar vase. When I tried to check out my cart, it would only do $29.99 on the 100 Blooms of Valentine's Wishes. I called the 800 number, and the young man said he could only see the $29.99 price. I said I am looking at it right now on the ad choice and at the same time on the full banner on my home page and they are both $19.99. He would not budge from the $29.99 price. I told him that was 'bait and switch' which is a crime here in the United States.

Today on the site the roses and 'Frills' flowers are still the same price, the 100 Blooms are $29.99 and there is no longer a free vase on any of the offers, one day after the initial problem.

  • Jan 4, 2016

Complete scam. Ordered an "It's a boy" basket to announce gender of our child to his grandparent, complete with big balloon saying "ITS A BOY". Flowers showed up very late, wilted, and did not look ANYTHING as pictured online. No balloon, nothing indicating it was about a baby boy at all. 80% cheap green filler and daisies when I had ordered roses, lilies, and irises. I paid $70.00 for sad, old funeral flowers! Spent almost an hour HAGGLING with overseas customer service rep reading a script who offered the same coupons (I am obviously never ordering again) 5 times before I demanded a supervisor who "checked with his resources" and finally offered me a 35% discount- off only the flowers, not the $20 I paid to have them delivered on a weekend. A whopping $16 discount on a ruined special gender reveal moment that can't be taken back. Thanks for nothing but a smarmy attitude, I'm never ordering from anyone but 1-800 flowers again.

  • Dec 23, 2015

I purchased a promotional service from Living Social for $30 worth of flowers from for $15. Before purchasing this promotion I was on Proflowers website and saw a bouquet of flowers for $39.98 that I wanted to purchase. After purchasing the promotion there was a link that directed me to ProFlowers website. But on this site the same exact flowers cost $59.98. When I went on the original ProFlower website where the flowers were $39.98 and tried using my voucher number it refused the voucher. I contacted the Corporate office for Proflowers and spoke with 3 different people and they all said the same is a Marketing point. This is not a marketing point, it is a scam. They are gouging their customers and this type of deceitful tactics needs to end. Thank you,

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