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Profits Run, Inc.

Country United States
State Michigan
City Wixom
Address 28339 North Beck Road #F1
Phone 248-344-4440

Profits Run, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2016

I subscribed to the service Options Income Engine that gives you options trades. It came with a 60 day guarantee that if not satisfied I would get a full refund promptly. The service was terrible. I tried it for two weeksw and out of 10 trades only one made any profit and it was very small. It has been two weeks since I cancelled my subscription and requested my refund and I have not received anything. This is definately a ripoff. Please do not get caught up in this scam.

  • Dec 17, 2017


DONT BUY THE COURSE!!!! Its an an easy download from CBOE. just copy the stock names from excel and paste them into finviz. sort the stocks to your preference on finviz and you have the same thing bill is doing for you.

  • Sep 14, 2016

I have returned the product as they asked and received notification that they have done their part and in 48 hours I should receive a refund to my credit card but I have not. I checked on Monday with the card company and they had not received anything and again today, no go. Of course, no on answers your call and you don't have anyone manning the Live help desk either. Now it's a wait and see game.

  • Jan 7, 2016

Bill Poulos at Profits Run, Inc, promotes his products and services primarily via web videos. However, he clearly states, no risk guranteed, if at any point youre not happy, "you can get your money back" we don't want your money if you're not happy.

This information contained in his videos in not true, or correct. In fact they have refused to refund my purchase more than 4 times via email. Now they state their money back gurantee is only 60 days, however his video Bill Poulos clearly promises if you are not satisfied at any point "no risk" you can call and request your money back.

Most importantly, Bill Poulos fails to state in his video that his customer service is only available via email, however his website states ;

"If you’d like to call us, you can reach us toll free at 888-303-4440 or 248-344-4440."

This information is misleading and dishonest. Profits Run can not be reached by calling this number. What you get is a voice mail, and a voice mail each and everytime you call. I have actually called the number for the last (3) months, beliveing that maybe bad timing, or very busy, and cant get to the phone. This is not true, and you can see from below, Bill Poulos does not provide any type of service over the phone as it writes on its website.

"In our experience, we have found that email is the best way for us to support thousands of students, from around the world, in a timely and efficient manner."

"Currently, our main line: 248-344-4440, is set up for administrative inquiries only, such as assistance with placing orders or billing questions; however, we are not set up with a call center for student support regarding trading inquiries, course material, or trade alert services at this time."

Conclusion, Profits Run mislead me to beleive I could call them at anytime for support, and I found after attempting to call them many times this was not ture. I then emailed them asking for a better number, and they responded we dont provide support via phone.

When you have many questions, and need to speak with someone, you will not get this with Porifits Run or with Bill Poulos.

Most of the information Bill says in his video is also misleading. He will not provide a refund anytime as he states, he will only refund your money allegedly within 60 days, however I can not confirm this.

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