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Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Phone (832)-224-2031


  • Aug 25, 2017

Proficient Pet Voyage is an alleged pet transportation company from Houston, Texas. This company is a scam for puppies being sold. Peter Austin or Austin Peter had a Beagle for sale on FB for $300.00. I did like the dog and proceeded to do the deal. He sent me pictures of the dog and it looked very real. I ask how was the puppy coming to FL he said that a pet shipping company was going to get in touch with me and it did just like in 10 minutes. I didn't realize that at the moment but it was kind of fast for that to happen. The shipping company send me an email that it look very real now letting me know that the cost is $ 410.00. Well I send them the money and like 2 Hr later they Call me to let me know that the create was rejected and that I had to buy a new one. Proficient Pet Voyage Transportation send me another email with the price of 3 creates telling me that they were going to be 95% refundable. I told them to charge the dog owner and that was when I look at my wife and said is a scam. The shipping company started to said that they have the puppy and that was in my name and that I was going to be responsible the the abandonment of the puppy if I did not send the money for the create. They also were trying to get money for insurance.

The phone number are:

1-806-414-8421 the owner of the dog (Austin Peter)

1-832-224-2031 (some by the name of Frank and Joseph Wood Manager)

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