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Professor Walter Craddock - Bristol Community College - Rhode Island DMV ED - Providence Center ED

Country United States
State Rhode Island
City cranston

Professor Walter Craddock - Bristol Community College - Rhode Island DMV ED - Providence Center ED Reviews

  • Jan 5, 2020

walter craddock, former corrupt police chief of the cranston rhode island police department, who oversaw the rigging of the 2002 cranston mayoral election that saw steve laffey attempt to eliminate his competition through false police reports filed by friends and family and political allies that netted the cranston police department undeserved pension and safety complex as rewards at the expense of innocent individuals, has used his treachery to also bring corruption to the rhode island DMV as its director and head, to the providence center as a director, to bristol community college as a professor and on his own as a private attorney.

craddock is an ill fit as a boad member at the providence center which is a mental health center that was used by craddock during his days as police chief to force perfectly fine individuals to visit whenever he himself or hs fellow cops commited some form of impropriety that would cause them to get in trouble. Invariably, this police department would send individuals to this facility, and/or fatima hospital, to attempt to gain a false mental health diagnosis that would exculpate them from blame. It is a racket and craddock, as an overseer of this facility, can now attempt to help his cop friends whenever they commit a crime or are going to be sued by spreading his corruption and influence on those who work there to achieve his desired result. The whole thing is a scheme and he has utilized his connections with individuals like corrupt judge robert "bobby piraggz" piragglia, judge jeanne "la fozzi the bear" lafazia, cranston attorney robert murray, rhode island bridge and tranist director earl "buddy" croft, and underling officers like matthew davis, erik baccari, pezzullo, hendricken coaches david exter and keith croft and jason pilderian, among others to carryout this corruption. He should not be allowed to operate in a position of power in public or private industry due to his past and current corruption and should not have an influence on matters such as mental heath or justice due to his propensity to sway situations in the favor of himself and his friends and his cops. nor should he be in a position to manipulate and corrupt the minds of children or young adults as a professor or educator of any kind.

craddock has also sent his goons to deliver messages to people. Including telling people who were just living life and committing no crime at all that if he gets any other police reports, that that individual would be arrested. Of course, it was craddock who was having his friends come in to fill out the false reports on this individual and he was then threatening this indivudal through craddocks abuse of power, corruption and crime by terrorizing these individuals self and family. craddock would try to eliminate and control people in this way.

On top of his approximately 5000 other pensions he is collecting, mostly illicitly, craddock remains influential in both police and political circles where he uses his connection to help steer both elections and law enforcement matters in the way of himself and his allies.

he's an ill fit for anything outside of a prison cell.


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