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Professional Financial Associates

Country United States
State California
City Dana Point
Address Box 697
Phone 949-240-0404

Professional Financial Associates Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2018

I signed up with pfa many years ago. Recently i decided to get back into the finance business. I contacted pfa and martin eisler. I was told that my number was very old. I concurred but my member ship was lifetime. He responded there are new products and i would need training at the cost of $399.00.he sent me list of a few products i would need new training. He did say mention products i was able to sell without new training. I was fine with that and informed him of same. His response was i must spend the $399.00 to be able to work with his company. I am sure in his response he will say something like "i needed new manuals and docs" i am an originator i know how to build deals and fill out paperwork. I also know paper isn't worth $399.00. Item last, he never asked me how much business did i think i would originate. He was very focused on getting the money out of me. Any organization that is interested in doing business isn't interested in getting an upfront fee from you. Caveat emptor!!

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