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  • Dec 23, 2016

I am in a Masters program and need my paper properly edited so I found on the internet a company called Professional Essay Writers.........first of all their name should be changed to UN-Professional Essay Writers or Dont Understand Basic Grammer and Punctuation Essay Writers ! their internet address to identify so you can avoid them at all costs is is

I am serious when I say I dont think the editor for this company even read my paper because I sent the paper they edited for me directly to my proffessor- expecting it to have been properly edited according to my profeesors guidelines which I gave to this company to make sure they followed ..... my paper was returned by my professor saying it was so poor he couldnt grade it and it had to be re-edited !

I am so embarrassed to have my paper sent to my professor- because he thinks I did such a terrible job !

I took the paper this company edited for me and copy and pasted it onto a Microsoft word document and you would not believe the number of typo's that appeared you would think a completely illiterate person was editing my paper. ! Seriously the editor was either drunk, watching TV or masterbating while he edited my paper. I really dont think he even edited it at all.

I found there were glaring , outstanding errors that were not even noticed by whoever edited my paper the last time.

There were countless words still misspelled , run on sentences, typographical errors that were not corrected, a mixing of the two fonts Ariel and Times New Roman in the paper left unnoticed uncorrected ....

there were 56 multiple spacing errors... did you hear that 56 !

dozens of words left mispelled

run on sentences

punctuatuion errors - fraankly they didnt know how to punctuate, cant spell, didn't notice that the word "God's " ( showing ownership )was left improperly as "Gods " - 8 times not once or twice but 8 times

principles was left mis - spelled as principals

the editor didn't know "gunfire" Is one word not two it was left as "gun fire"

the word "Matthew" was left spelled with one r instead of two- Mathew is wrong - 4 times it was left wrong

the B in Bible is supposed to capitalized always twice it was left not capitalized

lay person is two words it was left as one word- layperson

apparently the editor didn't know Foreign words are to be italicized - I even spelled it out I said in my paper the Hebrew word Avodah.... Hebrew is a foreign word ! but it was left un-italicized

the word becoming was left as bbecoming - it was left with two b's instead of one !

there were 6 bibliography reference sources that were left highlighted in Blue. Why . was my editor colorblind and they could notice that the text color in my paper should have been changed to black. ? 6 of those 6 !

a sentence that had a quotation in it, had the ending quotation mark but the editor didn't notice there was no beginning quotation mark.

and I paid over $200 for their services !!

I reported the editor to the company and of course their gonna give you the run around, and then they still wanted to charge me another $200 to have it re -edited !!!! Can you believe that ! I wanted to curse them out so bad but I told them I will never have anything to do with your company again and I am filing a report on rip off

Please have nothing to do with this company . You could get 3rd grader to do a better job .In fact go find a wine-o in an alley behind a bar and get him to edit your paper and he could do a better job then Professional Essay Writers :

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