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Pro Hair Nail Spa

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Raleigh
Address 3501 Capital Blvd #113
Phone 1 919-876-9800

Pro Hair Nail Spa Reviews

  • Jan 17, 2020

Nail salons owners and workers are the reason why customers go from shop to shop, never building a long-term, loyal client base. Pro Hair & Nails is no different. When I first started going here, the male tech was less than friendly, avoided eye contact, and never thanked me for my patronage (By the way, I tip very well).

Some 3 months later, this guy still barely says a word and on some visits appears agitated and moody. On other visits, he's talkative. This is also true of the older woman who "works" there-- sits around hate staring at the customers. If you're an attractive woman with a small-average figure and wears very nice clothes, you get the hate stare down by her. The woman is as friendly as a copperhead snake and should not have customer contact at all. I make eye contact and say hello, and I get a look that could kill. Disgusting!

I am going to give this place a few more months and see how things go. The male tech is good, not very good but good. If it's a full house and a long wait, walk out and go back at another time because the male tech rushes through your nail job and the outcome is not the same quality as your previous visit. I only go because overall my nails look great on the cheap.

Leave your moodiness at home, please or deal with your bipolar disorder prior to working with the public.

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