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Pro Fix Jewelry And Watch Repair

Country United States
State California
City Palm Desert
Address 78206 Varner Rd
Phone 760-360-1500

Pro Fix Jewelry And Watch Repair Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2016

I took in 3 diamond rings to have diamonds replaced. They were white gold rings, I am certain of that. When I picked them up, they were gold. I never asked to have this done. These were my mom's and she only owned white gold- in all her jewels. Well, the owner started yelling profanities- heavy on the f word, and called a me f---- crazy b****, etc... Told me I was nuts and insane and that the rings were gold when I brought them in. He then got out my last ring I had left and chose to drop it onto the metal bowl, rather than put it in my hand! (by the way, this ring was also now gold now too) He blew a gasket when I mentioned that!

I have never been talked to like that by anyone. Ever. I am an older woman and I do not appreciate the things he called me. I have been very upset by the whole thing.

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